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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Wiki is a free, public and collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the ABC Family TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. CAUTION: This wikia contains spoilers from The Secret Life of the American Teenager series.
Fifteen-year-old Amy Juergens has a nice life playing the french horn, going to school, and doing other normal teenage things--until she has a one-night stand with Ricky Underwood at band camp.
Here’s the scoop on this addictive show: After losing her virginity to Ricky Underwood at band camp, Amy Juergens discovers that she's pregnant. Basically, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager deals with the consequences of a teenage girl's unexpected pregnancy. Shailene Woodley plays Amy Juergens, a 16-year-old sophomore in high school who plays the French horn.
Kenny Baumann plays Ben Boykewich, a kind-hearted 16 year-old sophomore who plays the cymbals in the school band. Daren Kagasoff plays Ricky Underwood, a 17-year-old junior with a troubled past and emotional issues who has the reputation of the school "bad boy." He is also the father of Amy's baby. Greg Finley II plays Jack Pappas, a 17-year-old junior on the football team who’s crazy about Grace. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager revolves around issues of teen sex, pregnancy and parenthood, which are complicated and controversial.
The characters in the show are very realistic and all of them have problems and make bad choices from time to time, just like real teens.
Recently I had the opportunity to talk to rising star Francia Raisa, who plays bad girl Adrian Lee on ABC Family’s new hit drama Secret Life of the American Teenager. FRANCIA: I can remember as a freshman, it was about was sex, sex, sex — who got pregnant, who had sex, who’s in a relationship — everything was defined by that. FRANCIA: In the “Cutting Edge” movie I had more of a lead role so it was a lot of hard work.
The “Cutting Edge” movie is an ABC Family movie, so will we get to see the movie on the channel now that people will know you from the show? FRANCIA: Yes, both of my movies have been playing on that channel, plus they are available on DVD. FRANCIA: I would like for my fans to know that my lips are not fake, They are all natural.
Here, you can find everything you need to know about the past five seasons, and all about the characters as well. This Wikia is meant for a better understanding of the show, and for a strong, friendly community. As Amy deals with her family life and struggles to come to terms with her pregnancy, she turns to her friends, Lauren and Madison, for comfort.
It addresses the various ways that teens think about and cope with sex (including abstinence and promiscuity), pregnancy and parenthood. She’s supportive of Amy but feels Amy needs to understand the responsibility of teen parenthood and should not rely on her parents to raise her baby for her. Ashley is sarcastic, dresses in a vintage style, cares little about what others think of her, has no friends and is a bit of a know-it-all.

Grace is Grant High's head cheerleader who pledges to wait to have sex again until marriage.
It does so in a heartfelt, thoughtful way, introducing a variety of perspectives about teen sexual behavior and looking at how teens' choices impact both themselves and others. The good thing is that the show explores the consequences of making those bad decisions, and overall most of the characters mean well more than they don't. I’ve always had to dress tomboy-ish in the past, and this time I can dress sexy, so it’s fun. It’s weird though because sometimes I will think they are staring at me and I will wonder why they are staring.
Hateful or vulgar posts against someone or something can and will be removed by the Admins. Meanwhile, Grace Bowman, the most popular girl at school, promises her parents she won’t have sex until she’s married.
The themes that this show explores can be controversial, but they provide a good foundation for discussing them you’re your parents and friends. She’s the first in the family to learn of Amy's pregnancy and supports her sister, convincing Amy to keep the baby. He makes you feel comfortable and he’s really good at improv and he let’s you improv with him. Turns out it was from an interview I did on the set of “Cutting Edge.” I don’t even remember really doing the interview because it was between sets. This show has managed to become a fan favorite over the last few years, and the story line is infused with a very natural level of drama. This Wikia contains major spoilers, either from the show, or book series, or both, they are no way censored. I got to talk to Josie Bissett while getting my makeup done and she’s really an interesting person. Adrian doesn’t want to be known as a smart person because she doesn’t want Ricky to think she’s a dork. If you loved watching this television show, you will enjoys these ten shows like Pretty Little Liars.New GirlUnlike Pretty Little Liars, New Girl focuses on a group of 20-something year old roommates.
At the start of the show, Jess breaks up with her long-term boyfriend and needs to get a place to stay.
With few options available, she gets on Craigslist and finds three guys that she can room with. Through relationships, breakups and plumbing mishaps, this show will have you laughing until you cry. If you have not seen it yet, you need to.Jane By DesignFor a drama-filled teenage show, Jane By Design is the one to turn to. Although it was not well-received by the critics, Jane By Design is a very amusing show to watch. I have a feeling she's at least considering it, but things are going to get very interesting once she finds out that Adrian is pregnant.
Gossip Girl is the name of a blogger who reveals some of the deepest, darkest secrets of the ultra-rich high school students.

As six friends work to manage their relationships and achieve a sense of normalcy in their lives, Gossip Girl spends her time making their worst secrets known. If you wanted a show like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl is a clever, amusing and interesting pick.The Secret Life of the American TeenagerIf drama and feel-good moments are what yo are after, the Secret Life of the American Teenager was made for you. As a talented musician, she heads to band camp in the summer where she meets up with a bad boy drummer.
While the show unfolds, you get to see her parents’ reactions and life as a teenage mom. She confronts the situation head on, and the show takes a total of 121 episodes to unfold.90210Created by Rob Thomas, Gave Sachs and Jeff Judah, 90210 is a remake of an older show.
As they adjust to their new life, the viewer gets to watch their problems adapting and the difficulties that their children face in school.
When it comes to teenage drama, 90210 is truly a classic.SuitsOut of all the shows on this list, Suits is the one that fits in the least. The number one best thing about the show is the main character, Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht).
Harvey is an intelligent, brilliant lawyer who ends up doing pro-bono work because he ended up on the wrong side of a drug deal. Later on, Harvey finds out that Ross has never gone to law school and has to help Ross hide his secret.The OriginalsProduced by the CW, the Originals initially premiered in 2013. The show focuses on a family of vampires that live within New Orleans .Set in 1919, the show has an unbelievably rich, creative plot line.
If you are the type of person who likes vampire flicks or Twilight, you have to make time to see the Originals.The FostersCreated by Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige, the Fosters was originally aired by ABC Family.
Unlike the typical family show, it features a lesbian couple who have a mixture of biological and adopted children. Although it is popular among the young, the family aspect of the show made it a hit with older audiences as well.
Since it does include a lesbian couple, there were some groups that decried the show, but it still ended up doing rather well.Make It Or Break ItMake It Or Break It is one of those shows that played for a long time, but was relatively unheard of.
In the show, Cassandra Scerbo, Josie Loren and Ayla Kell are teenage girls who are also world-class gymnasts. Although their goal is to make it to the Olympics, their gold medal dreams become threatened when their coach is blackmailed. It spanned a total of four seasons and 48 episodes, so it should give you more than one movie marathon weekend.GleeFor a more unique teenage drama, you have to check out Glee. This musical show features a group of high school misfits who are drawn together by their singing talent.

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