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He initially wants to confront Amy about her alleged relationship with Ricky, but then decides against it after his guidance counselor points out that it's none of his business.
His father Leo was the first person to suspect Amy's pregnancy due to her throwing up on Ben while on a date. This causes him frantically rush into a dramatic proposal to Amy so that way he can keep Amy for himself and financially support her baby because he genuinely loves her after only a short time. When Amy considers getting an abortion, Ben convinces her not to because he knows that she has other options, and even resorts to telling characters such as the school guidance counsellor that the child is his baby.
In the season one episode The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager, Ben and Amy get married using fake ID's after her mother says that Amy will have to get a job if she wants to keep the baby.
Later on the series, Ben gets Adrian pregnant after losing his virginity with her in his car in front of Amy's house. By the third season's mid-season finale, it is shown that Ben and Adrian have some romantic feelings for one another. In the autumn premiere, Ben and Adrian find out they're having a baby girl which is what Ben was hoping for. After his outbursts to Adrian, he then gets drunk and humiliates himself in front of his father, but he later begins to recant his decision after having time to vent his frustration.
Adrian later decides that she doesn't want to be married to him and asks him to leave, leaving Ben brokenhearted and he asks to remain friends with her. Ben continues to keep his word of being her friend to her after she is embarrassed at the graduation party. Alice tells Ben that Henry slept with Adrian at the graduation party which enrages him and prompts him to tell Henry that he is no longer welcome at his home. Ben is taken aback, but doesn't want to appear judgmental, so he allows them to smoke in his room. In the school hallway, Ben tells Amy that he still loves her, but Dylan's friend Wendy overhears and tells Dylan.
Although the marriage was not valid because they used fake IDs, Ben still called Amy his wife.
Reason: The loss of their child weigh heavily on both Ben and Adrian and both give in to the grief and doubt which ultimately end their marriage. Adrian and Ben began to have an intimate relationship when they wanted to get back at their ex's (Amy and Ricky) because of a kiss, lies, feelings of betrayal, and un-appreciation that Am. Adrian later discovers that she is pregnant and reveals it to Ben in the episode Ben There, Done That. After some convincing they are allowed to go out again but they accidentally burn down Dylan's school, and they are forbidden to see each other again. Even though her friend, Wendy, told her that she overheard Ben telling Amy that he still loves her, she still wants to date Ben.
At her house, Henry is mad at Ben for sleeping with Alice and plans to make revenge by going out with Dylan for real. Dylan then finds out that Ben and Alice slept together and doesn't really want to go out with Ben anymore so she gives Henry a chance. Ben and Ricky have come to develop a strong bond, however this bond is continuously tested because of the rivalry between them. This rivalry had first started because Ricky got Amy pregnant, leaving Ben feeling inferior to him throughout his relationship with Amy.
Because Leo continues to force Ben to be the better man, but does not do this for Ricky, who he believes has no right to make judgement. This gives Ricky an advantage in every competition because where Ben tries to be honorable Ricky uses underhanded method's to gain approval. Ricky lies, and manipulates those around him, and uses his past abuse to excuse himself when he is found out, but Ben refuses to use the trauma from the loss of his mother, or the stillbirth of his child to gain sympathy. It is seen through out the series that Leo offers no guidance or understanding when it comes to the emotional problems Ben deals with. In the season 4 finale, Alice walks in to a bedroom after a graduation party to find Henry in bed with Adrian. It is later revealed that Alice slept with Ben to get back at Henry for sleeping with Adrian, Ben never admits it, but is shown that his reason for sleeping with Alice was similar. Premise: A drama focusing on a teenager coping with an unexpected pregnancy, followed by new motherhood.
I may have missed last week's episode due to Independence Day, but I didn't miss much -- Ben and Adrian moped around some more, which continued tonight.

Schneider has appeared in many films and TV series, including 5 guest spots on Hee Haw and the miniseries 10.5. Schneider has also been mentioned in other media such as the South Park episode Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow, in which an episode of "Terrance and Phillip" was aired in place of the popular fictitious show "The John Schneider Variety Hour", causing outrage.
In 2007, he was among a series of celebrities involved in television ads for the Zaxby's restaurant chain. In 2008, Schneider portrayed a villain (a rarity for him) on the series CSI: Miami, in the episode "Tunnel Vision".
Schneider appeared in the first season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, in which his real-life son Chasen Schneider had a recurring role.
During the 1980s, Schneider parlayed his success as Bo Duke with a string of country music hits. Schneider has recorded 10 albums to date, including works on Scotti Brothers Records and MCA Nashville.
Ricky calls Amy because he's stressed about John's first birthday party, but Amy says it's no big deal—just their families, a cake, and food at the park.
At school, Madison and Lauren are plotting their first times, even as Jesse's telling Jack he's not sure he wants to have sex with Lauren that weekend. He was also the father of Mercy Boykewich, whom he shared with his ex-wife Adrian Lee.  He is the brother of Chloe Boykewich. Ben is instantly and foolishly taken with her, and decides to ask her to a school fundraiser. He experiences a lot of hardship during Amy's pregnancy; particularly when he is brutally beaten up by a fellow student, but remains to be a loving and supportive boyfriend. They are discovered by Ben's and Dylan's parents and Ben lies to protect Dylan and tells them that he was given the pot at the party the night before. Dylan still wants to go out with Ben, but her parents don't want her to because they think he's a bad influence. Later, their daughter is stillborn which puts a strain on their relationship and they divorce in Strange Familiar. They come up with this idea that her parents could meet Henry and pretend to go out with Henry, but instead meet Ben. Later, she breaks up with Henry and tells Ben and Henry that she is moving with her friends.
Ricky usually wins many of the competitions between them, however Ben continues to try and win, but his father's relationship with him is both a blessing and a curse to him. In season 4, Henry breaks up with Alice and the two of them try to have "shared custody" of Ben which doesn't work out.
Angrily, she tells Ben what she found, and Ben tells Henry he is no longer welcome in his home. Henry tries to steal Dylan from Ben, but Dylan no longer has interest in either of them and breaks up with both of them, but they later reconcile and are friends again. The series, from '7th Heaven' creator Brenda Hampton, also explores how this drastic change in her life affects her family and friends. Adrian is Power Walking Back to Life: Amy and Ricky had a prolonged fight about their sleeping arrangements, but it quickly dissolved into more of Amy's fears that Adrian is going to move in on Ricky.
Starting to Close the Book on Mercy: Ben talks with Amy and Grace about Adrian's decision to go to New York for cosmetology school, but neither of the girls seem sold on letting it happen. There's Just No Pleasing Ricky: The whole overblown bed fiasco between Amy and Ricky got solved by a donation from George. He is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1980s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, and as Jonathan Kent on Smallville, a 2001 television adaptation of Superman.
Also, from February to March 2008, he performed as Billy Flynn in the Musical Chicago on Broadway.
His co-star (on The Dukes of Hazzard), Tom Wopat, also enjoyed success on the country music charts.
Ricky's glad the pressure's off, but what he doesn't know is that Amy's having a little pre-party, just for John and her. George tries to discourage her from going on the pill but agrees to let Ashley have sex as well as use birth control when she turns 18. George tries to pressure Anne into getting married again but she wants to leave things as they are.

Clearly angry that it's a sleepover birthday party, Ben retorts, saying that no one else was invited. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of american teenager.
This is the second time in the series that Ben will marry someone in an attempt to have them to himself. Ben's dad and Dylan's parents catch Dylan and her friends smoking marijuana in Ben's room and they are forbidden to see each other. Ken Fields, Luke Zimmerman as Tom, Allen Evangelista ("Zoey 101") as Henry, Amy Rider as Alice, Renee Olstead ("Still Standing") as Madison and Camille Winbush ("The Bernie Mac Show") as Lauren. Adrian then calls Amy to ask for her help cleaning out their nursery of everything that could remind her of Mercy.
Bear: Adrian's decisions to clean out the nursery and to go away to cosmetology school turned out to be her two good ideas because the third one she had was a real doozy.
He walks up to the table and tells his dad that honesty has gotten him out of his marriage then promptly falls to the floor in a drunken heap. John's life as an entertainer began at the age of eight, when he started putting on magic shows for his peers and their families.
Schneider is also known to television audiences as Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Clark Kent on the hit show Smallville, starring in 100 episodes before his character was killed off. Quinn, Medicine Woman and guest-starred on such shows as Diagnosis Murder, Touched by an Angel, JAG and Walker, Texas Ranger. He declined to continue through the second season, and his departure was written in to the script-Marshall Bowman dies in a plane crash. Schneider and Wopat sang several duets on the TV series, sometimes with co-star Catherine Bach.
She isn't planning on having sex, but she wants to be on it just in case—and, as she tells George, even very experienced people make mistakes.
But while they're talking, Grace calls Jack over, because she can't keep quiet about Adrian any longer.
He calls George and tries to get him to take it back, but all that happens is they have another conversation about how they should get married. Amy and Ricky have one last talk about their relationship before Ricky shows that he didn't delete Adrian's message.
Marshall Bowman in the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager but left when his character died in a plane crash. This once got him into trouble, when he had himself chained up and tossed into a swimming pool with the intention of re-creating Harry Houdini's legendary escape act. In fact, in the season 7 DVD boxset, the trio performed a remake of the show's theme song "Good Ol' Boys" in a music video as a tribute to their friend Waylon Jennings. Bunny tells Ben that what Ricky and Amy do is none of his business but he says it is his business.
Amy and Ben look like they're about to talk but not before Adrian interrupts to talk to Ben. Ben throws a serious wrench in that theory by freaking out and revealing he's still in love with Amy.
Oh here's something different -- HIGH SCHOOLER Ben is kicking back a 6-pack alongside a stuffed bear. Some Smallville episodes contain references to Schneider's other work in The Dukes of Hazzard. John's other stage-work includes Oklahoma!; he auditioned for, but did not get, the role of Erik in Phantom of the Opera. Grant gets jealous of the way Ashley is looking at Ricky and angrily shatters the glass he's holding. Schneider also guest starred for the latter half of Smallville: Season 5 appearing in the episodes 'Void' and 'Oracle'. Ben looks out the window from his room as Madison is singing on stage, while Adrian takes a pregnancy test.

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