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Ricky tries to have his custody agreement declare he cannot live with his mother Nora, but the mediator in Amy and Ricky‘s custody agreement says that sometimes even our parents need parents. Grant asks Grace to get tested before they have sex because Grace was with Jack who was with Adrian who had sex with Ricky who slept around a lot. Lauren is devastated that her boyfriend Jesse broke up with her because he‘s a senior and will be going off to college soon.
There Was a "Secret Life" Cast Reunion and Even Shailene Woodley Was There!The Secret Life of the American Teenager lives on forever!

Meanwhile, Amy meets Ricky’s mother for the first time—and she points out how similar they look. His father tells him that he should consider waiting until he doesn't have to ask his father if he can marry someone.
Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of american teenager. Meanwhile, though Anne and George aren’t thrilled with the idea of home schooling, Ashley stands by her decision.

Which means you can totally pretend they also reconciled and attended Grace and Jack's wedding together.

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