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The series is based on a look at how teens at a California high school struggle with decisions about sex and relationships. Bad TV shows are unavoidable, and while some are rightfully canceled quickly, others manage to survive for reasons I do not fully understand.
Someone actually thought following the narcissistic and selfish Carrie Bradshaw through high school, when people are at their self-centered, know-it-all best was a good idea? Well, maybe it should just have suffered the fate of early cancellation, but as it stands now, this show was an example of a great idea being poorly executed and badly acted. It also had numerous other problems that dragged it down to the soul sucking abyss and would have been better off staying an idea in someone’s head. A crime solving guy who can turn into animals -- what could possibly go wrong besides everything?! Tosh is only funny when he is making jokes about stupid people in YouTube videos, and you should always stick to what you do best.
This is the show that launched the acting career of the wooden 2x4 Shailene Woodley, who gives Kristen Stewart a run for her money in the cardboard, scoff faced grin department. Maybe it’s because I’m just over the vampire trend and there are too many shows and movies dealing with them, all thanks to some sexually repressed person’s vision of true love and Twilight.
Call it “adult” all you want, but it’s still about vampires and all the idiocy that comes with that. There is something about watching child exploitation that should make you feel dirty inside.

It’s a suffocating drama about women in prison with an intolerable protagonist in Piper Chapman and the writing is deplorably asinine.
Thanks for introducing the world to mediocre, subpar, crappy singers who all think they deserve an opportunity. Yes, I know it gave us Carrie Underwood, but once you’ve heard those power vocals on one song, they all start to sound the same. It’s basically glorified karaoke with people who couldn’t make it in the singing business so they landed a role on a TV show that is full of wishful thinkers and dreamers. Veena Sud decided to nuke this show with both middle fingers flying in the final season with what was probably the worst finale in modern TV history. The Secret Life of the American Teenager e uma serie de televisao produzida pela ABC Family da criadora Brenda Hampton. A musica de abertura e “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)” de Molly Ringwald, a qual interpreta a mae da personagem principal da serie. A serie foi renovada em 9 de fevereiro de 2009 para uma segunda temporada constituida por 24 episodios. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
What ruined this show real quick was Clarie Bennet, portrayed by the insufferable acting ability of Hayden Panettiere.
Without this show, no one has to endure her torturous acting, so thanks for nothing but pain, American Teenager!

Watching this show is like asphyxiating on boredom, and it only makes you loathe Piper Kerman, the woman the show is based on, who is an elitist, arrogant WASP.
Also, thanks for the giving us the countless knockoffs and other rigged alternatives like The Voice. It’s all fake, staged and fabricated drama for the cameras and TV ratings which it somehow manages to get. The show had many problems, not the least of which was plots driven by characters constantly lying, bad detective work, annoying characters who never went away and a premise that was hard to relate to. Na primeira temporada, enfoca as relacoes entre amigos e familiares e como eles lidam com a inesperada gravidez da inocente Amy Juergens. A historia comeca com uma inesperada gravidez de Amy Juergens, uma adolescente de apenas 15 anos e tem que escolher entre aborta-lo, dar ou mesmo ficar com seu bebe. I’m not sure who I dislike more -- the people on the show or the people who actually watch it. Ja na segunda temporada, Amy deve enfrentar as dificuldades da maternidade e da escola ao mesmo tempo.

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