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A recently-launched Victoria's Secret campaign is coming under social media firestorm for what some consider body shaming.
The company, long known for featuring beautiful models with enviable figures, may have taken things one step too far with its "The Perfect 'Body'" advertisements. If with a snap of my fingers I could motivate Slowtwitch readers to do one thing, it wouldn't be to do a daily 5AM workout without fail, or maintain their bikes religiously. It would be to use your multisport skills to see the world around you and, especially, those secret places people don't often go, but should.
What follows is a contest, and it will continue until it doesn't continue, and I hope that's a long way off. As of this writing, these secret places are limited to Southern California, roughly from the San Francisco-to-Tahoe line south to the Mexican border.

On its web site, the campaign features a row of 10 underwear-clad women, at least three of whom have visible ribs. It also calls for people who find the ad objectionable to take to social media with the hashtag #iamperfect. It wouldn't even be to do the important things, like pay better attention to your family, or your work, or your dog.
But, because you are greedy, like I am, and because you can be bought, like I can, I'll appeal to your better angels by bribing your baser ones.
When you think you recognize one of these places with precision, place a post on our triathlon forum and make a guess as to where this place is. The only model who might be considered a size more typical of a woman who is not an underwear model is also the only one who has her back to the camera.

If you don't see a thread corresponding to the current month, start one using the format above. Finding one of these trails will yield an experience better than anything on the prize table below.
By with precision I mean you must correctly identify the name of the trail or road, and where along the trail or road this is.

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