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The first step I needed to take was to have the book scanned into an editable Word document, since I long ago ditched the floppy disk it was on.
I vote for A because it looks like the little girl is ready to share her secret as only a little one will do. I vote for A I think it is the most appealing and also is very similar to your regular book covers. You should do a cover that fits in with the print books and other ebooks and what you are writing next -and continues to reinforce your brand. September 25, 2010 by Diane Chamberlain 14 Comments You know how people say they don’t want to watch sausage being made?
October 1, 2009 by Diane Chamberlain 18 Comments Years ago, my then-husband and I were driving through the countryside in a pouring rain. In my last post (which must have set a record for the number of comments on my blog!), several people mentioned two quirks about reading novels that fascinated me. Now I’m reading the document, catching the minor errors in the formatting and seeing if I want to change anything.
I read this book over ten years ago and the thing that always made it stick out for me was the cave. That is the one that would make me want to read the book (if I didn’t already know what a great author you are!).

This was a typical scenario for most novels (and still is for the print version of most books). I knew I was going to need to find a new way to work or I’d need tranquilizers to deal with the panic of the next couple of months.
Well, I feel as though I invited you, my readers, to watch the writing equivalent of sausage making as you followed my painful progression through the creation of  The Midwife’s Confession.
I love it, but the hair color of the sisters doesn’t match the story exactly. How much would that bother you as readers? There are many things to love about this time of year: the weather is warming up, pools are open, kids are out for summer vacation, and the summer beach reads are here! When people ask me which of my twenty books is my favorite, I invariably say Secret Lives for a number of reasons. I had five or six readers back then; now I have many more than that and I want them to be able to read this book. So its critical if you are keeping the look of the current books into the future you align this ebook with those covers.
It began a long time ago, when after a couple of months of plotting and outlining, I was told that I couldn’t write the story because it had too similar a hook to another book my publisher had in the pipeline.
As we drove through the downpour, I noticed a group of cows huddled together under a tree, and my heart broke for them.

There are some much anticipated books coming out this summer and June starts off with a bang! I stumbled across the Hathaway sisters' books a few month ago and fell in love with them! I plan to let my readers know through my blog and Facebook what the process is like as I work my way to making the book available.
Since my high school days when I learned how to write a mean essay paper, I’ve loved the thrill of panic-inducing deadlines. We have quintessential favorites such as Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Johanna Lindsey, Jodi Thomas, Sherryl Woods, Elizabeth Lowell, and Sherrilyn Kenyon to dazzle us, as well as new favorites such as Joanna Bourne, Anna Campbell, Sherry Thomas, and Tessa Dare. I’d learned how to dig deep into my characters, how to create tension and suspense, and how to juggle many layers at once. Although it was my third novel—absolutely the book of my heart—and it received beautiful reviews, I wasn’t well known (understatement) and it sort of tanked.
I came up with another idea and wrote The Lies We Told, which I ended up liking a bunch, so all was well.

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