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The extremely relatable trailer presents an adorable first look at Universal's next animated film.
The two studios who created the wonderful Despicable Me and next month’s (inevitably great) Minions film are introducing The Secret Life of Pets today. The trailer doesn’t clue us into the plot of this film but instead pleases the viewer by being extremely relatable. A trailer for Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens has recently been rated by Canada’s Alberta Film Classification organization, signaling that a trailer is completed and its release is likely imminent. The Beauty and the Beast trailer is 1 minute and 26 seconds long, according to the recent rating by the Canadian film board. Alberta Film Ratings have been trusted by many fandoms over the years, as it tends to be the first place we hear about the existence of trailers.
Anticipation has perhaps never been higher for one of Disney’s live-action fairytale movies.
The upcoming trailer will only make us more excited for the live-action Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon, which is slated to hit theaters next March.
Things have been set up for the Legends to face off against immortal tyrant Vandal Savage one final time, down a team member. Laurel was the one who encouraged Sara to get on The Waverider after her resurrection and become the White Canary, moving out of the shadows and into the light. At the end of the previous episode Mick, after Leonard’s death, felt the need to act out in some way. We’ve seen Mick willing to sacrifice himself already, so he has his own heroic tendencies coming to the surface. Kendra has been struggling with her identity and her powers since her introduction on The Flash, and she’s been coming into her powers, bit by bit, over the course of the season. Since it takes either Kendra or Carter to to land a killing blow on Savage and the story has clearly turned its focus to Kendra, it would only make sense Kendra really embrace her powers and come out on top. This isn’t much of a leap either, as the Big Bad needs to be defeated in the season finale.

We know season 2 is going to take a completely different direction than season 1, meaning Savage needs to be out of the picture.
The Earth-2 version of a familiar face will be appearing in the upcoming episode of The Flash. Laurel Lance might be dead on Arrow, but her Earth-2 counterpart, Black Siren, will be appearing on The Flash.
Many fans hoped Laurel would become a metahuman on Arrow, giving her the Canary Cry, but her cry was a piece of technology designed by Cisco and worn around her throat.
Interestingly, Laurel also knows Zoom’s true identity, as we see him speaking to her without his mask on.
Not only does she know Earth-1 Laurel is dead, she knew about her identity as Black Canary and coldly celebrates her death. Black Siren talented in hand-to-hand combat and was quite acrobatic, though she did not have powers of her own. Illumination Entertainment has released the first teaser trailer for the new animated film The Secret Life of Pets, and it’s kind of great. For their fifth fully-animated feature-film collaboration, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures present The Secret Life of Pets, a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. The first trailer looks at what happens when your dog, cat, bird, bunny, or other animal is left alone in your house.
This writer had his dog present and enjoyed watching his pet react to all the dogs barking.
Disney appears to be readying a first look at their live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. The animated Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved Disney films of all time, and while some were initially weary about a live-action adaptation, worries have since waned. Based on what we know from the trailer and promotional material, I theorize about the finale.
The most productive use of his energy would be against Savage, but I can’t feel like fighting Savage feels a bit tangential at this point since the Time Masters were the true villains in the end.

Though the Time Masters were really the ones pulling the strings, they’ve been destabilized with the destruction of the Oculus, leaving Savage as the loose end.
Adams is playing will be introduced in this episode, and we learned from his casting that whichever character he is playing will have an agenda that launches the series into season 2, where he will recur in a handful of episodes.
This seems to indicate that Zoom has been keeping tabs on the Earth-1 counterparts of certain people, such as his closest followers. As the sole female member of the team, she was often seen cooking because their world was perpetually stuck in the 1960s, a time when gender roles were more rigid in media.
Directed by Chris Renaud (Despicable Me) and Yarrow Cheney, the comedy imagines the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day, focusing on the tenants of an apartment building in New York City.
Written by Brian Lynch, Cinco Paul, and Ken Daurio, the voice cast also includes Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, Hannibal Buress, and Albert Brooks.
Maybe our dogs and other animals are freaked out that a movie studio is exposing the truth!
Logic would say that the trailer will be attached to Disney’s next theatrical release, the Alice in Wonderland sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, which opens in theaters May 27, 2016. Disney has proven on multiple occasions that they can create great, live-action retellings of their animated classics (like Jungle Book and Maleficent). I previously thought he might be playing Booster Gold, but with a Greg Berlanti-produced Booster Gold film in the works, that seems unlikely. With this summer’s Minions also looking extremely promising, could the studio have found its niche in dialogue-light animation?

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