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As little girls, we grew up on a staple diet of fairy tales and Disney movies that featured beautiful princesses with long, luscious, shiny locks.
When blow drying your hair, make sure to point the nozzle down in the direction of the hair shaft. Colour, blow dryers, irons and tongs may give you countless options to style your hair, but they also dry it out making it dull. Even with all the products and hair treatments available, sometimes you have to go about things the old fashioned way with a healthy diet. The heat can be a mite too much right about now if you’re not on a beach or pool-side in your bikini. The model, fashion designer, and reality television star has been very influential with hair trends.

This taught us that the only kind of hair worth having was long, lustrous and smooth; and that set the standard for the kind of silken locks we would always lust after. Use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week depending on your hair type, to get rid of product build up or residue. Similarly stay away from hairsprays and other products that contain alcohol, and chlorinated water, which can further dry your hair. Make it a point to get your daily recommendation of protein as well as vitamins A and E essential for lustrous locks.
This is the closest you will get to a fairy godmother granting your wish for shiny locks, pronto.
This means that a good metabolism and immune system are also key factors for growing healthy hair fast.

Since we don’t have a fairy godmother to grant our every wish, here are a few easy ways you can get princess-like glossy hair.
That residue can coat your hair, leaving it lackluster – so it’s essential to do a thorough cleansing. A cool rinse also helps to seal the cuticles so your hair can receive the benefits from the conditioner. Smooth cuticles are better able to reflect light like the shimmering surface of the sea on a sunny day.

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