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Advertisements are everywhere, on television, in magazines, on websites, in movies and television shows. If you go to Victoria\’s Secret and surf the website, you will see and endless amount of beautiful, flawless, desirable women. The whole concept of the sense of self is that our sense of self is partially created through how we see ourselves, but mostly created by how we think others see us.
The issues that spring from advertisements create a cultural normalcy in our society of how women and men are expected to look in order to be beautiful. Most ads teach you that you need to have big breasts but if you are too big, don’t be proud. Today, we stopped by our farmer friends, Ethel and Tom, to buy some honey and eggs and he had just come back from digging up some ramps and offered me some.

Tom said I could use the leaves and part of the stem and then plant the roots back in the ground to come up next year!
Funny, in a little research, I learned that ramps are a part of the Allium family, and I just planted some of those beautiful tall purple spherical flowers last Fall and they are just coming up. Remember, on top of showing you step by step EVERYTHING you need to make money from the internet. This season is so short and I seemed to have remembered seeing the stem part at farmers markets but I think I was confusing it with garlic scapes. I am Literally giving you your own website and showing you exactly how to set it up (step by step.. Most bra manufactures make bras in my size in nude, white and black and never offer any other sort of color and design.

Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve! Even the models themselves are told they are not good enough-that’s why so many ads are airbrushed.
After being measured by a woman in the store, we learned that Victoria Secret does not carry my bra size. I’m going to chop them up and put some in my baby kale salad tonight that we’re having with a broiled skirt steak.

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