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As an American the social issues of a love affair between a mature woman and a youthful lover are not nearly as dramatic as they might be for your typical Asian audience, it is just another story of two people with difficult circumstances. It amazes me that so many viewers were disgusted by the age difference of this most exquisite authentic heart & soul story of intense great beauty . Continuing my comment below, I finished this drama few months ago and satisfied with the ending.
The affair is not right at all, but somehow during watching the drama I keep wishing them "please don't get caught". In this drama, you will feel that true love truly exists, that very moment when Lee Sun-Jae cried (at night) because he can't do something to help Oh Hye-Won (or he just madly miss her), but for Oh Hye-Won, Lee Sun-Jae's love is more than enough to be strong in every struggles she encountered. It takes a good writer, director, and great acting to have many people cheering for an adulterous relationship. This was a real look at the willingness to take a chance an at any age to love someone that sees you for the real person you are and they are willing to accept you flaws an all. There you go guys, if you want to cheat on your girlfriend or wife just make sure you are doing it for love and affection from the other girl and you should be good to go.
Love between Lee Sun-Jae And Oh Hye-Won was pretty much portrayed as the age gap between them was not very visible. Beautiful drama, personally I don't favor love affairs but in this case I was hopping for a positive outcome for them, regardless of age.
Hold up, while watching the end of episode 16, I'm pretty pretty sure that i saw it here that it was going to be a 20-21 episodes, did it got axed cause of ratings?
The first thing that came to mind while watching this drama is how similar it is to the Mary Kay Leturneau (I don't think that is correct spelling) scandal. It was simply presenting these two, trapped in their own worlds by society, meeting and because of their interest in their art, music, they are bonded.
I love it bc it's completely different of all the rest, bc no one deserves a marriage without love, bc the husband just cares about his job and the benefits he has from having this boy.
He looks too cute and baby looking for this character in secret affair , I wish he didn't selected this role. Lol yeah that's the point of the drama, a very unusual relationship: there are tons of dramas and movies everywhere with couples looking like father and daughter, I guess the writers wanted to do the contrary. I suspect some women in SK and Japan have a thing for young men, I don't blame them: I would be looking for a younger guy if I was unmarried and rich at her age lol! I'm only on episode 5 but I can understand the need to watch the drama 4 times (and then some)! The Director did an excellent job in directing the special characteristics of each persons in the movie.
At the beginning it was very difficult for me to get it, but fortunately finally I found it in the local music online store. With cinematography and beautiful backsound, this drama has all what it takes to entertain our eyes and ears.

Probably his best role so far, an innocent young boy who knew nothing but gradually became a real man through his affair with an older woman.
Heck most of the women on hear would apparently be taken by the "love story" of your infidelity alone. I feel that the sex scenes were done very tastefully and creatively, it is amazing what the mind can do to feel the blanks, specially in today's show it all age. Yo Ah In and Kim He Ae performance was so amazing, it so compatible and believable and I don't feel the age gap here.
I just in episode 9 when I wrote this, and the character great and daring acting kept me from one to another; the moment I want to quit here comes another heart thump plot line.
I thought that the age difference between the main actors would be awkward but it feels like their attraction for each other is genuine.
At first, I assumed it wouldn't flow too well because the story seemed to fit a rated movie rather than a sixteen week long drama. The two lead actor and actress expressed their emotion and immersed them into the music very well. It strikes me that, for once, the music is not entirely focused on difficult pieces played with accented power for a Korean drama. At the first i wasnt sure if i can finish this drama but yoo in ha and kim hee ae performance made me cant stop watching this drama.
Glad that once in a while, I can see K-drama with things that really happen in real life, hence without amnesia or hidden chaebol son story. I usually hate a storyline involving younger man loves older woman, but this drama hit me so hard that even I wish Ah In engaged in a same kind of relation with Kim Hee Ae for real. This series is done in no way audacious, and causes one to just drop the word affair in "love affair" and make one believe that it is just love. It is ashamed that it was cut to only 16 episodes, at the beginning, I am pretty sure it was schedule for 20 episodes, at least that is what I read.
An affair is always wrong but when a women cheats it's bc emotionally she missing something in her life and it's called love, affection and so much more!!! The first episode can seem a little slow but from 2nd episode onwards the story picks up and is amazing! I have classes all day and when im finally able to rush home on Monday and Tuesday i rush to viki for subs and to watch.
It'll be a different story if the lead actress is Ko So Young or Ko Hyun Jung or even Kim Sun Ah. The fact of the matter is that men historically have been with women 20 years + with little backlash. I agree with Nana wholeheartedly, this is not a drama for anyone that does not have a grasp of what life can hold.
Women are fragile and when we see that someone is caring for us an listens to us and is there for us, thats where our emotions gets the best of us thats where the trouble comes no women should be treated the way her husband does to her and for she being with this boy makes her feel alive again and wanted, bc he loves her for who she is and not for what she can give him, like everyone else in this drama!

The music ties the hearts of the lead actors together and the passion of the music expresses the power of their passion.
Thank you for making me some different stuff and thanks for accepting this role it would fail without you. A Wife's Credentials is a highly praised by the critics, so set your high expectation on this drama. Please wake up to the fact that you are brain washed and mind controlled into being "disgusted" as a robot! It was a bit moody, but the music was a joy and although they were careful with love scenes, it was nice to see the focus to be more on them and less about sexual interest. Typically for a world where women are taught to be each other's enemies, rather that create a support system. I wish he dressed a lot better, because even rugged guys don't need to wear sweaters full of holes. More than a love story I feel this is a drama about the corrupted world, the compromises you make and following one's ideals. The intensity and complexity of the story line gives emphasis to the core value of the discreet characters that makes me grasps and want to justify their cause. I am obssess and addicted and seem to rewatch episodes over and over again just to make the days pass. I suppose it never hurts that Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae are seriously great in their fields.
I can understand why hye won love the talanted sun jae and i can understand why sun jae fall in love with the charismatic hye won. I enjoyed the drama, every enriching and reminds us we are all humans and shouldn't always judge harshly. It has been such a long time since i fell in love with characters, actors, and a drama so much that i can barely sleep without watching the episodes over.
We have been together for 2 + years, very happy and madly in love and we don't care who doesn't like it. As what Lee Sun Jae said she's his home and even though they ended up breaking up, at least they gave it a try. And also for the director, must be hard to make this drama, with his kind of story, to be more accaptable, but he did awesome.

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