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Vaporize can be played in the mid-game to give you some breathing room or late-game to counter high attacking monsters. Be warned that more experienced player will send out weak minions to attack first in hopes of baiting out the card.
Having this card in play alongside an Ethereal Arcanist will boost its attack and HP by two for every turn it is active. Thanks for the decklist, will be interesting to see how people are buildings.Also, of course, the crab has to be mentioned.

Mage’s eventually got a wide sweeping nerf that increased their Freeze spells by one mana, and Pyroblast was nerfed from 8 mana to 10.
After a glorious weekend of Hearthstone, here are the decks from the competitors of SeatStoryCup. Yeah I guess that is kinda cheap, bypasses the rule of you have to swap decks when you lose. Rogue’s weapon was eventually altered to be what it is today, and Envenom was removed from the game (probably morphed into Deadly Poison).

The video doesn’t say, but I have to imagine that Undertaker will be given a hard look. Most of the decks, especially the Druids, Shaman, and Warrior decks will seem very similar to one another.

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