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We thrive on rumored celebrity hookups, political scandals, even the latest he-said, she-said within our own barkadas. The irony is… secrets are practically mainstream in our country, even when it comes to our drinks.
If you like pina coladaaaaas and getting caught in the raaaaain… then tell your barista to mix 12oz.
So the primary reason we want to try this drink is because we want to see if we can order it with a straight face. If you’re a big fan of the original chocolate bar, or just like getting crazy with a boatload of sugar, this one ought to be worth a try. Memories of our recent red velvet cupcake blind-tasting still fresh in our minds, we thought it’d be cool to try this strange creation.
While we begin on our quest to try all 10 of these drinks, give us your secret menu recommendations in the comments below! You'll find EJ rummaging through refrigerators for unlabeled leftovers, earning him the nickname, "The Finisher." He's got a knack for magic tricks too, his best one being the ability to make food on his plate (or anyone else's for that matter) disappear in the blink of an eye. I don’t think I can ever muster up enough courage to order a Screaming Orgasm from a Jamba Juice barista!
Try a MaxMamba : white chocolate with half mint and half hazelnut, chocolate syrup ontop, extra whip! On the simple list of options on the Chipotle full menu, just like the Chipotle secret menu, there are a few distinct leaders that Chipotle-lovers always seem to go to.
Burger King is one of the cheapest fast food restaurants around, but just like any restaurant, some items are a better deal than others. If you are looking for low calories foods at Burger King, get something from the list below. If you are on a low carb diet and still want to eat at Burger King, gives these menu items a shot. I didn't know that the Burger King secret menu existed, but now that I know I order a few things from it each month. Burger King serves a variety of foods but mostly focuses on hamburgers, whopers, and chicken based products, like chicken tenders. Chick-fil-A prices usually land slightly higher than fast food restaurants, but that being said, every restaurant has a few great deals.
Our detailed tables of Chick-fil-A nutrition info can be a little big and daunting, but no need to hunt for healthy items -- we have the best low calorie options at Chick-fil-A listed below. If you're hoping to minimize the sweets in your meal, check out some of Chick-fil-A's low sugar options below.

If you're looking to put on some muscle with a little extra protein in your diet, look no further. Chick-Fil-A makes the best chicken sandwich on the market, but the fried chicken club that I tried brought it to the next level. Chick-Fil-A's speciality is the chicken sandwich, but they also serve fries, smoothies, and other traditional drinks. The Chipotle menu is naturally more expensive than typical fast food prices, due to their massive portions and use of high quality ingredients. For anyone watching their sodium, but craving some Mexican food, we've listed some of Chipotle's menu items lowest in sodium below.
Sugar isn't very much of an issue with Chipotle's fresh ingredients, but even then, below we've listed some low sugar options on the menu. Anyone fighting to stick to their low-carb diet but craving some Chipotle can relax -- we've listed some of their menu items lowest in carbs below.
For anyone looking for a little extra protein in their diet, we have Chipotle's menu items highest in protein listed below. Dairy Queen’s prices are typically pretty good, competing with the best of the fast food giants, but it’s still extremely difficult to offer meals at the dirt cheap prices that restaurants like McDonald’s can afford to.
Keep an eye on your sugar intake, and check out some of Dairy Queen's low sugar menu items listed below! If you're in neeed of some extra fuel to build muscle, just check out DQ's highest protein menu items listed below! Heck, they both have multiple websites dedicated to sharing off-the-menu concoctions with fellow coffeeheads and Jamba-holics. We wonder what the inspiration was for this secret drink’s name, but as far as we recall, Jesus turned water into wine, not a fruit smoothie. While there are literally dozens of websites and apps for the coffee chain’s secret menu drinks, we had to make sure that the ingredients necessary were available in their Philippine outlets too. The recipe is simple enough: buy a Cavendish banana and have the barista blend it into your Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino for a somewhat healthy (hey, bananas are good for you!) fruity twist to your usual chocolate chip cooler. Have them add raspberry syrum (1 pump tall, 2 pumps grande, 3 pumps venti), then blend and top with whipped cream.
Do the baristas know about all these secret recipes or we have to tell them exactly how to do it? I told the barista the recipe and she actually knows the name but she has to teach it to the other barista preparing my cup. It was originally called Insta-Burger King, but was rebranded as Burger King several years later.

Many of the locations are franchised, but Chick-Fil-A retains a large amount of ownership of each location. Just five years latter in 1998, McDonads came knocking on the door and invested $350 million into the small 16 location company. Chipotle has expanded from Mexican food and also runs ShopHouse, a similar concept as Chipotle, but serving Thai food in bowls. That being said, DQ has its own set of great deals, so check out their cheapest foods below! Don't worry -- we have some of Dairy Queen's menu items with the least calories listed below.
Jamba Juice employees (even in the Philippines!) are then also more likely to be familiar with, and know the recipe based on the name alone.
We scoured through a number of them, alongside all the Starbucks looloo reviews, and here are the 5 that caught our eye. Similar to the beautiful simplicity of In-n-Out’s menu, the Chipotle full menu is comprised primarily of the pricing structure for burritos and bowls, with some options for sides and drinks. While burritos are still a favorite, you actually get more food with a bowl, so people are switching things up when they walk up to the counter lately.
Chipotle now employees more than 45,000 people and has become a huge force in the fast casual category. Some speculate that Chipotle may roll out breakfast and coffee to more and more locations nationally. Playing luksong baboy during recess, school bus rides, and saving up coins to buy bagfuls of candy. Order a plain ol’ Chai Tea Latte, then get crazy by having them blend in a shot of espresso for a bittersweet kick.
The focus of everyone’s attention, though, the entrees, continue to follow a reasonable set pricing structure that keeps customers coming back for more. While controversy has surrounded Chick-Fil-A's political beliefs, no one is disagreeing about how delicious their food is. The recipe for this sucker includes FOUR espresso shots, 4 pumps of white chocolate sauce, milk, and enough ice to fill a grande cup.

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