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The transition army has seized the prototype facility, and Joe's men prepare to destroy it.
Next, you need to deploy two Wirbelwinds, one by the tank and the center and one by the left flank. Use Wurfrahmen against enemy infantry, they can also be used to eliminate the bunker blocking the panzerjagers and the infantry group blocking the flammpanzers. Deploying more supply depots later in the mission will allow you to build more troops, giving you a smaller chance of failure. At Torgau, even though Russian infantry are standing right next to Rangers, the Rangers do not fire nor do they even detect who they are, as the infantry simply appear as an unidentified light unit.
You begin in a short corridor; at the end of this corridor is a large courtyard (A) containing Imps in a cage. If you are starting this level from scratch, the sergeants in the central courtyard (four on Hurt me plenty, eight on Ultra-Violence and Nightmare!) may cause you a lot of trouble. In the room east of the central courtyard, the brightly lit area along the east wall is really a lift (K). Taking the red key opens a trap in the southeast wall of the room (L), revealing additional monsters and health pickups.
The switch that reveals the blue key also opens a second passage (M) back to the previous room (on the south wall, behind some other barrels).
When you step onto the platform in the nukage canal, an Imp (ITYTD and HNTR), or three Imps (HMP), or four Imps (UV and NM), will be released as the new passage opens. In the room east of the central courtyard, a hidden lift in the southwest corner (O) drops down into a nukage pool. In the exit room, there is a secret door in the center of the east wall, indicated by a different texture. Entering the southern area of the yellow key room may awaken an Imp (Thing 52) in the room to the south, even though there is a locked door between you. The ceiling of the platform in the nukage canal is high enough that the switch texture tiles twice vertically. The shortest route through this map is to enter and leave the red key room through the west door. When playing on NM, most players make a detour either to the chaingun or the rocket launcher, in order to clear paths through crowds more quickly. For styles requiring 100% kills, the most efficient approach is to ignore the monsters in the central courtyard, then run in and out of the rocket launcher room after getting the yellow key.

A small amount of time can sometimes be saved in the exit room by not killing anyone until the bridge is raised.
In NM100S, the fastest way to reach secret #2 is to jump across the nukage canal, shoot the deaf Spectres with rockets, then jump back across the canal to the secret door.
A small amount of time can be saved in UV -fast mode by approaching the blue key through the south passage, then firing into the room between the barrels. Due to the number of Demons and Spectres on this level, UV Tyson runs are fastest when the chainsaw is obtained quickly (clearing only the red key room and the room with the blue key switch).
In version 1.0 of the game, locked door messages on this level say that you need a Skull key, rather than a keycard. Z1M9: Military Base is a secret level in Knee-Deep in ZDoom, revisiting the original level with some new twists. Sector 721: As with the original level, the north-east corner of the south room and south-west corner of the east room are lifts which lead to a nukage-filled area, with a chaingun, bullets and two stimpacks on an island. Sector 4246: Just when you get to the great outdoor area near the exit, turn right (or to the north in the automap). It is assumed, as Sheridan remarked in Riding With The Devil, that the Allied occupation forces are currently celebrating their VE Day victory, unaware of the situation. Stay as far away from the courtyard as possible until you kill a sergeant very close to the short corridor, then grab his shotgun. When you step onto the red star, however, a pack of monsters will begin teleporting into the room. This brings you to an outdoor area containing three tall pillars with Imps on top, as well as a medikit and a green armor. At the same time, a trap opens next to the exit switch (N), releasing a Spectre (ITYTD and HNTR) or three Spectres (HMP, UV, and NM); watch out for these as you re-enter the exit room, since they may cross the bridge immediately.
In the room south of the central courtyard, a hidden lift in the northeast corner (P) drops down into the same nukage pool. Behind this door (sector 20) is a room with items atop pillars (Q), including a backpack, a chainsaw, and several large ammo pickups. It is possible to see the bottom part of the second switch when approaching the platform from the north. Alternatively, as soon as you have killed the zombies emerging from the south staircase, run down that staircase and get the chaingun (see secret #1 below). There is a large number of demons that the player has to fight, while there is little or no reward ammo or health packs afterward, so this will considerably weaken the player's offensive and defensive capabilities.

The blue key is guarded by two Demons (I'm too young to die and Hey, not too rough), or six Demons (HMP), or eight Demons (UV and NM).
As you reach the bottom of the staircase, a lift will drop near the far wall, allowing you to ride to the top of the tallest pillar.
Note that the mentioned sectors are those where the player practically triggers the secrets. On your right flank, four of Lanciafiammes will arrive, only to be cut off by a Russian air assault. To collect the items, jump carefully from pillar to pillar: back up as far as you can without falling off, run toward the next pillar, then stop quickly as you land.
The floor in front of the ledge has a narrow elevated surface that goes along the entire side of the building. Deploy one on the right flank near the gate and that area will be good for the rest of the mission, deploy another one to the left road, though keep it back and away from the forests. You should also deploy a second Maus to the left to support the first and draw fire from the guns. You can either send your eastern Maus to deal with them, or send your Blitz bomber to quickly destroy them. Alternatively, deploy a Puma to allow the Maus to fire on the infantry, deploy German rockets to support the tanks. The surface's level is just high enough for you to reach the narrow platform between the floor and the ledge where the soul sphere is kept. Around this time, Russian artillery will fire on your supply depots from the top of the map. Send your blitz bomber, as one run will destroy it, even if the plane doesn't make it back. The Russian steamroller will start up at this point; massive amounts on infantry will sneak through the woods to try to capture the prototype base.

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