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The list of International TV networks that have just acquired the 26 x 30 series include Finland’s MTV3, Thailand’s Workpoint, Singapore’s Medicacorp and Israel’s Imagine Media.
Created in partnership with and starring renowned business magnate and philanthropist Warren Buffett, Secret Millionaires Club focuses on a group of kids who go on adventures in business and entrepreneurship.
A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.
Produced by Genius Brands International, Secret Millionaires Club was created in partnership with and starring an animated version of billionaire investor Buffett to teach children the business of life.
The series has featured guest voice talents such as Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Cannon, Gisele Bundchen and Kelly Rowland. Secret Millionaires Club is produced by Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan Heyward of Genius Brands International.
When the kids fail to raise money for an important school field trip, Warren shows them that in business, and in life, there are no failures. While the SMC sets out to save their local newspaper by bringing it to the Internet, Jones borrows Lisa s carefully saved money, then can t pay it back. When Elena has to raise a piglet for school, she can t do anything right and considers herself to be a failure.
A sports agent offers Elena a contract and tries to sell her on making a fast fortune to help her entire family.
The SMC heads to London and Radley and Jones learn a lesson about illegal downloads when their virtual international band creates a song and music video that gets pirated by their fans! Elena s friend is having trouble getting her lemonade stand off the ground, and the kids have to figure out how to help her.

Our instructors provide guidance with meditations and contemplations relating to various needs and situations. Get to know what’s happeningFill the form to be on our list and be notified about upcoming events. Rounding out recent licensing agreements for Secret Millionaires Club, a deal with South Korea’s Asiana Licensing has been secured for home entertainment. The series aims to empower kids by helping them understand the world they live in and the impact of their decisions and confidence on the world.
As a result, they partner with a famous soccer superstar to improve the team’s skills and increase fan attendance. Finance is proud to bring you a Q&A about financial education for kids with famed investor Warren Buffett. When she wants to join a charity drive, she doesn t know what to do - she can t take on one more thing, or she s going to collapse!
When her friends realize Elena is seriously thinking about cutting her education short, Warren contacts Elena s idol, Shaquille O Neal to try and talk some sense into her. Primordial Sound, practiced for thousands of years, is a tool for rediscovering body’s own inner intelligence. The series is notable for featuring animated versions of Buffett and a host of celebrity guests that have included the likes of Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Cannon, Gisele Bundchen and Kelly Rowland. Meditation uses individually selected sounds of nature called mantras to disconnect us from the activity of life. Finance helps you make financial decisions with confidence and we also want to be your one-stop shop for financial education.

As always, your feedback is welcomed: Let us know what you think.a€” Aaron Task, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo!
Our instructors have extensive training and are certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructors. In the process, they come across a valuable baseball card which they sell to save their youth center. Or both?WB: The goal has nothing to do with amassing wealth, and everything to do with helping kids understand money, and develop healthy habits from a young age. We hope to influence kids at an early age so they learn to think about their actions, and the consequences of making bad decisions. Thousands of kids use what they learn in Secret Millionaires Club episodes to come up with their own business ideas. The finalists come to see me in Omaha and present their business plans, showing what they have learned from Secret Millionaires Club. Whether ita€™s teaching kids the value of a dollar, the difference between needs and wants, or the value of saving. These are all concepts that kids encounter at a very early age, so best to help them to understand it.

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