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The Disgustoids disguise themselves as cops so they can walk on the surface, but whilst Fart wants to follow the duties of a cop, all Festro, Gweelok, Dingle, and Slog want to do is pump up the jams.
Fart ended up being the hero in the episode, by maintaining his cop duties even if it meant arresting himself.
Monster Cops was written and storyboarded by different people: Clay Morrow, Chris Reccardi, Brett Varon, and Noel Belknap. They decided to approach a group of kids rollerblading in a place they weren't supposed to rollerblade in. Festro told them not to worry because they can rollerblade wherever they want, and the kids did just that. At first, Fart protests against it, but alas he begins dancing along with them, stating how he can't resist. Fart suggests they uphold their duties as offiicers, but Festro and the others decide to get "stupid loud" and just do whatever they want and get away with it. After a few events where Fart upholds his duties and the others just do whatever and make chaos, they are all called in by their superior officer for a reprimand.
He gives them their last warning after revealing they always pump up the jams and he constantly has to come and turn it down.

The superior officer screams at them for pumping up the jams rather than upholding their duties. He then gives them an assignment to catch a notorious band of criminals who have been downloading cheeseburgers for 47 years. The Disgustoids (except for Dingle) rant about the cops and wish they could be cops to pump up the jams whenever they want.
During their mockery of cops, Slog rips off Gweelok's eyebrows and wears them like a mustache. He states how they are very gorgeous people, and Festro proclaims further that they could be models. Festro is surprised and impressed at Slog's impersonation of a cop and decides to try it out for himself.
He goes to a fashion show and holds one of the models under arrest and begins to interrogate him on what he knows. After playing good cop bad cop and turning down a downloaded cheeseburger from Festro, Fart becomes frustrated and begins to fart.
The model suggests he go to the bathroom because farting in a closed room with no windows is gross.

Doing that, however, took off their disguises and revealed them to be the criminals they were supposed to be looking for. Fart is torn between his friends and his duties, but chooses his duties over his friendships.
Gweelok and Festro end this basking of glory by telling Fart he did not catch all the criminals yet, because he is a criminal himself. Fart couldn't believe it, so he went to the mirror to see if he could take his mustache off.
He beats himself into submission before handcuffing himself and proclaiming how he had captured all the criminals. The superior officer congratulates Fart for upholding his duties, but sends him to jail anyways. The episode ends with Festro pumping at the jams with the disgustoids and the humans they are locked in a jail cell with.

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