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When Han questions Leia’s ability to lead them during their escape from the Death Star, it has nothing to do with her gender, though.
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Of course, if you still need a reason to watch The Secret Garden, make it to see one of Maggie Smith‘s most nuanced performances.
Controversial: Film streaming website Netflix has been accused of secretly cropping its movies which often results in viewers missing up to half of the original image. However, the firm this afternoon said it was not cropping films but occasionally offered the wrong version of a title.
As reported by Gizmodo, a Tumblr page, called What Netflix Does, highlights the extent of the problem.In a scene from the 1968 classic Planet of the Apes, half of the original version is cut from the Netflix film, resulting in viewers not seeing a table of three characters. In the 1999 film Man on the Moon, the lead character Jim Carrey is cropped out entirely from a scene in the Netflix film.A scene from the original version of Quentin Tarantino's hit Inglourious Basterds features a table of five people.
Ratios: The cropping appears to take place when Netflix attempts to make widescreen films fit the screens. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He asks her if she remembers her real mother, but really what he’s asking her is if she remembers their mother.
Yes, he spends most of The Empire Strikes Back trying to get Leia to admit she likes him, but he also wants her to address her own emotional needs. It’s rather chilling to consider that one of the most indelible images in the Star Wars saga is its heroine silenced, stripped down, and in chains. Follow Decider on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation, and sign up for our email newsletters to be the first to know about streaming movies and TV news! It’s a vague time of year that teases warm days flush with the smell of hyacinths and then drops a week of bone-chilling storms on you.
Though considered a children’s film, the movie is actually a spell-binding masterwork.
It’s bewitching and understated, moody and sweet, and can be watched by the whole family.

But in the Netflix version, it is heavily cropped, with just two characters featuring prominently. Working with award-winning global partners, Netflix is adding five new animated and live-action comedy series to its already broad selection of high-quality kids and family entertainment.
By that definition, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) might be the biggest feminist in the entire Star Wars universe — and it’s all based on his relationship with Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). He only shows an onscreen interest in Leia’s internal life when it directly affects his impending battle with Vader and the fate of the Jedi. As spring returns to the Manor, and as everyone falls under the spell of the season’s rebirth, they all learn to express themselves in new honest, thankful, and joyous ways.
Medlock, the bitter housekeeper in charge of corralling Mary and keeping her invalid cousin Colin alive, is extraordinary. Said Erik Barmack, Vice President of Global Independent Content:"We've seen great characters and rich storytelling work for a global audience time and time again. That is, the one man who is romantically attached to Leia is the one man who never saw her in the golden bikini. After months and months of being harangued with bleak winter snows and never-ending nights, spring offers a warm embrace. She looks at everyone with pure disdain that she’s adopted as armor against getting hurt. Smith manages to play Medlock as both an indifferent harpy smothering Mary’s hopes for fun and as a deeply wounded and caring woman. Thats why were proud to be working with some of the industrys best producers and animators on these shows and we cant wait for kids and families all over the world to get to know these stories."Netflix has announced five new family series coming between now and summer 2016.
But, Leia subverts expectations by being a plucky spitfire who can lead a rebellion as well as she can fire off a blaster.
Which means Han Solo is more attracted to a mouthy space age shield maiden than he is to a tight female body on display. Holland is best-known now as a brilliant television director, responsible for bringing key episodes of The Wire and House of Cards to life. While most of the film is from Mary’s point of view, Holland gives Smith an incredible breakdown towards the end that humanizing someone who might otherwise be seen by the audience as a two-dimensional villain. These include both animated and live-action shows starting with reboots of Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, along with new series Some Assembly Required, SUPER 4 and Bottersnikes & Gumbles.

In fact, if I could be so bold, I would suggest that Han Solo would be more turned on hearing about how Leia strangled Jabba the Hutt to death — using nothing but the chain that enslaved her — than he would be hearing about how his sworn enemy turned the woman he loved into a tawdry plaything. The lush colors of the film are the work of famed cinematographer Roger Deakins and the astounding score came from Zbigniew Presiner. The idea that a dead thing isn’t gone at all — merely in hibernation — becomes a switch that sparks new energy in Mary. Smith collapses on a grand staircase and we watch — from above and behind — as she barks at her sweet young maid Martha’s attempt at comfort, before melting into a pile of sobs. Here is the complete list along with sneak peek images:Inspector Gadget - March 2015Everyone's favorite bumbling bionic detective, Inspector Gadget, is back in an all new CGI animated series. Backed up by his niece, Penny, her dog Brain, and an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry, the lovable Gadget fights crime as only he can. Young, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) and produced by Thunderbird Films, stars Young Artist Awards nominee, Kolton Stewart, and 2015 Canadian Screen Awards nominee, Charlie Storwick. With the world once more teetering on the edge of disaster, the small but heroic secret agent is back to thrill a whole new generation of fans as he attempts to overthrow a host of villainous rivals with the help of hapless hamster Penfold and a collection of state-of-the-art gadgetry and vehicles. Originally a loose parody of British spy fiction, this new Danger Mouse series will feature British actor and comedian, Stephen Fry, as Colonel K. Developed and adapted from the much loved Bottersnikes & Gumbles books, this new CGI-animated series is created by Cheeky Little, Mighty Nice and CAKE and co-commissioned by Netflix, BBC and Channel 7 Australia.
The first 13 episode season will debut exclusively on Netflix around the world in 2016, with the UK and Australia launching at a later date.In 2011, Netflix launched a dedicated section for kids under 12 years old featuring TV shows and movies from great partners like PBS, Disney Channel, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, Mattel, Hasbro, Lego and Scholastic, all in a commercial free environment. In 2012, Netflix and the Walt Disney Company signed an industry-first agreement making Netflix the Pay TV home of all live action and animated feature films released by Disney theatrically beginning in 2016.
Additionally, all DreamWorks feature films are now available on Netflix in the Pay TV window. Members are provided a kids profile upon sign up and can customize additional profiles for their kids. The kids experience features a character bar where you can find a deep selection of great TV shows and movies featuring that character.

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