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Scientists at the Arctic University of Norway have apparently found that methane gas explosions can be linked to the mystery of unusual number of disappearances of ships, aircraft and, people in the Bermuda Triangle – the area of the Atlantic Ocean cornered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida, often called the “devil’s triangle”.
The scientists believe deposits of oil and methane gas buried deeper in the sea floor burst through the seabed and formed giant underwater craters – they have discovered up to half a mile wide and 150ft deep – off the coast of natural gas-rich Norway. National Geographic also reported in 2015 that “methane can escape into the air, making the atmosphere highly turbulent and perhaps causing aircraft to crash”. The area, also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”, is a western area of the North Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and a point near Melbourne, Florida, where numerous ships and aircraft have mysteriously disappeared throughout the ages. There have been a number of conspiracy theories about the Bermuda Triangle, but not many are convinced. The ocean has always been a mysterious place to humans, and when foul weather or poor navigation is involved, it can be a very deadly place. Remember the old saying shown to the world in Shiv Puran; Energy need to be transferred to other form. What is mystery for today’s materialistic people was never a mystery for ancient Hindus and Vedic Gods.
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle (thanks to a famous incident of Chhayagrahi and Shree Ram Bhakt Hanuman, a Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiv), is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Demoness SimhikaA did dhyan for thousands of years of Lord Brahma (a¤?a¤—a¤¤a??-a¤?a¤?a¤¤a¤? a¤¬a??a¤°a¤?a??a¤®a¤? – creator of Universes and Planets).
Sundar Kand from Ramayan (which is also proof of existence of Bhagwan Ram) contextualizes the incident to sinking ship. Later on seeing here and there, up and down, Lord Hanuman sees floating demoness pulling his shadow towards her.
Lord Shiv knew that Mandodari, great wife of Ravan, was aware of the place where Ravan had hidden that mani (a¤®a¤?a¤?-gem). After this incident there was no doubt left that Ravan will be killed easily by Bhagwan Shree Ram.
Lord Ram killed Ravan by firing Arrow of Brahma at the navel of demon king of Sri-Lanka, Ravan. The gem was very powerful, after death of Ravan, it became imperative that the gem be placed in a zone that absorb its energy and uncontrollable power. I am only about 18 years old,but I have curiosity that in Gita ,lord Krishna said that I do all work whatever happens in universe ,then if we do wrong why we are responsible for that.I have many questions after it but give answer of it firstly.
Bhagwan Krishna (Bhagwan Vishnu and his incarnations) is responsible for all the leelas wherever establishment of Dharma is necessary during end of Yugas. Prarabdh is the accumulation of deeds which pass from one life to another, that is why you might have seen even good natured people facing problems in life due to their Prarabdh. Only longterm selfless bhakti towards Bhagwan Krishna can reduce after effects of past Karma and Prarabdh to some extent depending on the enormity of the sin. Yes Bhagavan Sree Krishna has stated that He is the controller of the universe and that not even a leaf moves without His will. I just want to know if the Hanuman ji is Amar, then why he is not saving the life of Innocent people, who unnecessarily become victim.
Today’s victim are paying for the sins that they commited earlier in life or past life. The gem was obtained by the resident of this mrityuloka, in this case, Ravan, so it cannot happen that the goodness of gem benefits the resident of this Loka while the adverse effects are passed on to other Loka. 2nd incident can be true but in first incident, simhika was in indian ocean and bermuda triangle is in north atlantic ocean.
The antipodal position (opposite side) of the Bermuda Triangle is located in the Indian Ocean. Why would Hanuman ji go near US Carribean sea (Bermuda Triangle located here)to find Sita Ji, He should go near Srilanka.
With super powers Sages and Demigods were able to travel the opposite direction of the earth through sea or underground routes in shortest span of time. Whenever Hanuman Ji was reminded about his powers and strength, he was blessed that he can perform any task. Spirituality is beyond illusion, need strong belief and high consciousness, there are many things esp. We should take this vedic project to extreme level and should prove that Vedas are ultimate in universe. According to the US navy, the triangle does not exist, But many of the incidents indicate that, there will be a very supper power rays that destroyed everything, that come in this specific area. According to the article of the Vincent Gaddis , that is written in 1964, the triangle has three vertices are in MIAMI. On the date of December 28, 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, disappears while this aircraft flying from SAN JUAN, .
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Here is my WIP so far, sort of an electric eel that's evolved into a leviathan in the depths of the ocean. The Gliding Bermudi are an gargantuan species with a mouth spanning over two tankers in width. Additionaly, their large, sturdy forefins can be spread out as they leap from the ocean, allowing the creature to briefly glide through the sky.
Regularly venturing outside their natural dimension, the males collect raw ore and processed metals for future consumption, transporting them home through internally produced wormholes. They suggest the huge methane bursts could churn up water potentially posing a danger to ships, or escape into the atmosphere potentially posing risks to aircrafts. The crater area is likely to represent one of the largest hotspots for shallow marine methane release in the Arctic,” scientists from the Arctic University of Norway told The Sunday Times. Analyses suggest that blowout of methane gas once the ice retreated after the last Ice Age formed these craters. The theory was initially posited in 2014 by Russian scientist Igor Yeltsov from the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics. The bedrock of these seas has many magnetic anomalies that can produce misleading compass readings. The majority of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes pass through the Bermuda Triangle, and in the days prior to improved weather forecasting, these dangerous storms claimed many ships.
We document the best evidence available from the most credible sources – typically respected alternative media and official government documents.
It can be hidden within spiritual powers or leashed in any form of the matter present in the planet. Shree Ram Bhakt Hanuman and his several lilasA are cited in various ancient texts; one of the most revered being Ramayan. If we deny past, ignoring Vedic history then we might never be able to find answers to such mystical powers which are beyond control of human senses or equipments. Lord Hanuman killed her by decreasing the size of his massive body and entering her mouth later destroying her internal organs. With his dhyan,A penance, austerity towards Shiv Shankar, he got several boons which added to his strength making him almost invincible. For the leela, several demigods and deities actually take birth to be part of it with Shree Krishna (Bhagwan Vishnu). Infact, Bhagwan himself follow these principles, in the form of Shree Ram, he lead simple and struggling life in exile for 14 years (Bhagwan had to fight with several demons during this exile).
If someone commited heinous crime, then the person is bound to face the repercussions sooner or later. What Hanuman Ji did was right – no Bhakt of Shree Krishn or Bhagwan Shiv would ever want them to bear the brunt of such things. Rambhakt Hanuman would never have wanted Shree Krishn or Bhagwan Shiv to work for the things which can be accomplished by him. Anything that needs sense gratification is primitive, too small, illusive – gripped by Maya.
So the enormity of consciousness and Vedic spirituality is not boundable within perimeters of present science.
After two year, FATE magazine published An article about that triangle , with the name of  " SEA MYSTERY AT OUR BACK DOOR".
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I don't think the composition is working, the creature could dominate the composition more. Extremely territorial, these ocean dwelling creatures guard the area around them from anything which may pose a threat. While both sexes can produce wormholes, cross-dimensional travel is a stressful event and only the male can withstand the pressure.
When travelling to earth their portals open in the Bermuda Triangle, however, Sarlongs can't survive in our environment for any longer than 40 minutes. The deposits of frozen methane gas can explode in violent outbursts – methane blowouts – capable of sinking even large vessels.
There is no evidence that mysterious disappearances occur with any greater frequency in the Bermuda Triangle than in any other large, well-traveled area of the ocean.
The evidence is so conclusive that it will leave you in no doubt about who is in control and what their secret agenda is. Video Western Jihadists Suspected in Tiananmen Terror Attack Alert News Mega Danger to All.

The mapA of Bermuda Triangle defined by various countries differ but one thing that commonly stuns scientists and physicists across the globe is immense grabbing power of Triangle that defies common principles of physics that we teachA in schools. Imagine a situation wherein the grasping power of Bermuda Traingle suddenly stops do you think our future generations would believe us when we share the incidents with them- if we ourselves get habitual to denying Vedic history. Chhayagrahi (Simhika)A wanted to have controlling powers wherein she could be able to grasp anything towards her.
Rambhakt Hanuman Ji was giving the task of placing the maniA to the depth (core) of the ocean bed, very deep so that its impact could be minimized and diluted. So my doubt is how are these (i.e Simhika who is dead and the Gem of nectar related to bermuda?). Bhagwan could have avoided it, but he followed principles of Mrityulok, no one can escape it. An example is given” Just like when a young boy is in love with a young girl, he might like her soooo much but if she does not like him, or she doesnt want to meet him will he force her? The birth they gave to the children did not happened due to natural process of reproduction.
Praying to Hanuman Ji and Shree Krishn can reduce the enormity of the punishment – cannot completely ablolish it until that person becomes Sage, renouncing material prosperity to lead pious life. After the passage of some time, SAND write an article , in which he give information of another victim of BERMUDA TRIANGLE, Flight 19. Ships and submarines are commonly mistaken for hostile intruders, and consequently vanish in unexplainable circumstances.
Since their home dimension is fairly desolate, the male of the species are required to hunt in other dimensions. These waters are also prone to waterspouts, which are vortices that suck up water from the sea into the clouds.
Additionally, the large number of islands in the Caribbean Sea creates many areas of shallow water that can be treacherous to ship navigation. Thereafter, theA demoness was bestowed with the boon of grasping any object or being, however powerful it might be, by Lord Brahma.
This made Ravan lifeless and he fell down to the ground, the nectarA of immortality soakedA from his navel and this led to his death. The maniA was placed in the deepest core of Ocean of that time which today is known as Bermuda Triangle. Similarly there are hundreds of such incidents when Bhagwan Krishna, Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Shiv faced several situations on earth just to abide by the principles laid by them. The poison, halahal, could have destroyed the entire world and no one could have stopped it so Bhagwan Shiv came forward. Also as a matter of fact, it is already proven with several artifacts, structures that Ramayan indeed happened. And maybe blur the little creatures in the background and make them a bit more blueish to make them seem farther away. Because of it's size, about the size of a blue whale, the amount of air gathers at times causes whirlpools, which has been the bane of many a passing ship. The winds of these waterspouts can reach more than 190kmph (120mph) and are common during the summer in the humid air and warm waters of Florida’s seas, where there are probably 400-500 waterspouts each year. And there is some evidence to suggest that the Bermuda Triangle is a place where a “magnetic” compass sometimes points towards “true” north, as opposed to “magnetic” north. Video Fukushima mismanagement is PRS for Global Governance NASA Knows Comet ISON is a Spacecraft.
Thinking is faster than speed of light, we might take time to reach moon even with the speed of light, but we can think about moon in milliseconds. The immense grabbing power of maniA is the main reason which pulls down the objects flowing or floating nearby or above Bermuda Triangle zone. Mind you, Shiv did not drank – not because it could have caused problem to Bhagwan but Shiv Ji does not wanted Shree Vishnu (Krishna) to feel the poison as Bhagwan Vishnu resides in the heart of Bhagwan Shiv. Video The secret plans for London a€“ Why the financial crisis has in reality been a financial revolution $100 Bill Decrypted NUKES & End Times. She had huge body and was capable of swallowing bigger objects that she can easily pull towards her.
It was important that the gemA be taken back from him so that nectar from the navel could be soaked to kill him. Whatever information we have in Vedas are for human race and we should be thankful to Indians and especially Hindus for recording every ancient incident for us, which is pathmaker for all of us even today.

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