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Due to the fact that there are so many better game soundtracks out there, I can find no way or excuse whatsoever to recommend this one.
On disc, Secret of Evermore is split into two halves: the first eight tracks are arranged, and feature far better synth than the subsequent eleven. There are also some lighter tracks, most notably the kooky "Tinkerer" and swirling "Ending Theme," which adhere to the score's darkness even at their most slapstick.
Sadly, the Secret of Evermore Complete Soundtrack is impossible to come by at reasonable prices. OSV du jeu Secret of Evermore sortit en 1995 sur SNIN et considere comme beaucoup comme l'un des meilleurs jeux de la Super Nintendo. A peine sorti, le chien apercoit un chat et ainsi une course poursuite commence pour se terminer dans le manoir dans lequel, 30 ans auparavant, l'experience du Professeur Rouflaquette echoua.
Cette machine, qui n'est autre qu'un teleporteur, enverra les deux heros dans le monde d'Evermore, ou encore dans le monde imaginaire de Perpetua, monde invente par trois individus passionnes d'epoques differentes : Isabelle Rouflaquettes a toujours reve de vivre a l'epoque prehistorique, Alec Orbusier est passionne par l'histoire antique et enfin Anemone qui adore le Moyen-age. Ce sera au heros de trouver un moyen de rentrer chez lui ainsi que de ramener tout ce monde dans leur monde d'origine : Pontoise. Bien que ce fut une repompe de Seiken Densetsu 2 sauce amerloque, le jeu etait Squaresoft et avait la qualite d'un Seiken. Mais cette fiche est d'une exceptionnelle qualite Kuj', non que les autres soient mauvaises, tu te donnes a fond, ca se sent, mais ici tu decroches un prix d'excellence. En y reflechissant, c'est pas le seul ost qui ne soit pas japonais qui soit sur le site (je ne compte pas les game rip. Merci a toi, ce jeu est un classique et mon tout premier "gros" RPG sur l'illustre Super Nintendo.
Je sais pas si tu possedes le CD original de l'OSt si c'est le cas felicitations parce que j'ai jamais reussi a le trouver.

Oui le calque volontaire sur le systeme de Secret of Mana en a etonne plusieurs a l'epoque et meme aujourd'hui.
This statement stands out for Secret of Evermore, the first and only game to be developed by Squaresoft's U.S. There are eight arranged tracks at the beginning which pick up the pace for an otherwise unlively album. The arranged tracks are major highlight, but the original material is too unmemorable and ambient to appeal to most RPG music collectors.
Despite top-notch production values (including use of some pre-rendered elements in the game's backgrounds) and the same engine that powered the popular Secret of Mana game, Evermore failed to find its audience, and Squaresoft America was reabsorbed into its corporate parent not long after. The mood is primarily dark and moody, as opposed to the generally more upbeat arranged tracks, and this darkness makes for some excellent melancholy music. Unfortunately, there are also several ambient tracks, like "The Rat's Chamber" and "Quicksand Field" that develop little more than a menacing atmosphere. It was only issued directly by Squaresoft America, and therefore saw a very small number of copies manufactured before the publisher's demise left it completely out of print.
On y voit l'immense manoir du Professeur Louis Rouflaquettes dans lequel une etrange experience est en cours.
Some of them sound almost identical to the game, such as the jig-like "Pirate Theme", piano sonatas of the castle themes, the ambient "Ocean Theme", and "Merchant Theme".
It's somewhat hollow in composition and seems to be missing the big "oomph" that an adventure score like this needs. Composer Jeremy Soule has since carved out a name for himself, providing stirring orchestral and ambient scores for such high profile games as Prey, Knights of the Old Republic, Guild Wars, and the Elder Scrolls series.
Tracks like "Puppet Song," "Freak Show," and "The Scientist" exude mystery while remaining highly melodic and enjoyable, while the non-arranged "Greek Temple" tracks are more subdued but equally potent (except for some unfortunate synth effects in the first one).

Still, on the whole, the SNES-era tracks are stylistically consistent and enjoyable, despite the omission of several tracks (such as the haunting "Hector's Camp") from the disc entirely. As such, the relative benefits the score offers have to be weighed against the exorbitant prices the album commands (as of this writing, $200 and up).
James, le majordome robot du professeur, saborde l'experience et cela provoque alors une explosion electrique.
Le chien, ayant perdu la trace du chat, refait des siennes et mord des cables electriques enclenchant ainsi une enorme machine. Y en a que pour secret of mana T_T un peu comme pour legend of dragoon vs final fantasy 7 alors que les deux sont aussi bien. Even though I honestly liked the game the first time I played it, I found it to be bland in comparison to some of Square's other games. In this case, the tracks (yes, even the boss battle themes) drag at a snail's pace and never come to life; they seem to be more ambient and less melodic.
Secret of Evermore was Soule's first foray into game music, and it would offer him the opportunity to work with the most advanced synth of the SNES generation. Music like this doesn't really bother me all that much, but after listening to it a second time, I felt I had only a bad taste for my mouth.
I guess Jeremy Soule didn't have the magical, musical touch of Square when he produced the music for Secret of Evermore.

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