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This can be another easy fight if the Sprite has full MP and repeatedly casts Earth Slide.
Boreal face fights the same as Tropicallo, except it can appear in one of any 4 possible places. Go through the Ice Palace and take the first left path you come across on the 2nd floor to get the Glove’s orb. Go through the palace, and when you reach an orb by a lava field, have the sprite cast Exploder on it.
Minotaur has a very good defense against weapon attacks, but the Thunder spell will cause a great deal of damage. Go through the ruins and be sure to get the weapon orbs at the end of the paths on the 2nd floor of the first room. You can only cause damage to Vampire with weapons when its cape isn’t covering its body.
After the battle, return to the Resistance HQ and Krissie will inform you that the Emperor wants peace.
After the fight, free Krissie and the others from the jail and make your way through the palace. After the fight, Geshtar sets the palace on fire and King Truffle will come to rescue you, riding Flammie. When you’re ready, follow the mountain trail south of Mandala Village (in the Lofty Mts) to the first cave you find.
Lime Slime begins the battle very large, but the more damage you cause to it, the smaller it will get. Potos est un petit village paisible qui fut fonde vers l’an 3315 apres la guerre Mana par un marchant qui cherchait un endroit tranquille ou finir ses jours.
L’Empire, au meme moment, etait aux prises avec une guerre civile; des rebelles s’opposant aux plans de l’empereur semaient le chaos dans ses villes. Lorsque les autres eurent vent de la campagne de Pandore, ils deciderent d’aller preter main-forte au royaume. Les rebelles, malgre leurs efforts pour ralentir l’avancee de l’armee de l’Empire vers le c?ur du royaume, virent leurs defenses tomber une a une. Seulement, a leur plus grand malheur, l’Empire aussi preparait une nouvelle attaque, et envoyait des centaines de milliers d’hommes de plus.
Au terme de la guerre, les rebelles ayant combattu aux cotes de Pandore se virent offrir la possibilite de vivre a Potos, a Pandore ou a Kippo. The key to unlocking the way to the Sprite Village is to walk through the seasonal forest in the correct order. He will allow you to go into the Dragon Cave, where a dragon was seen fighting with a giant serpent.
After you bring it to King Truffle, he will name it Flammie and says he will take care of it for you.

Go back on the main path and keep going until you fall into a trap by stepping on a switch. When you get to the main gate outside, keep going and walk up the stairs and you will eventually come to a room with some weapon orbs.
Keying off of the first entry in this series, I’ve thought a great deal about criticism and how Christians should work in this vein. La Republique de Tanisca leur emboita le pas, par interet, car elle et l’Empire etaient depuis longtemps ennemis.
Ils reussirent tout de meme a gagner assez de temps pour permettre a l’armee de Pandore et de Tanisca de preparer un dernier assaut contre l’Empire, et de deployer toutes leurs troupes sur le Lion Field. Les rebelles ne pouvaient plus rien faire… Alors qu’ils croyaient voir la faucheuse, les soldats de l’armee de Pandore et de Tanisca arriverent enfin !
Certains prefererent toutefois retourner a Nordia, puisque le trone avait ete repris par leur leader.
Puis, un villageois, alors qu’il allait se baigner pres de la cascade, apercut une epee plantee dans un rocher.
You will need to travel from spring - to summer - to fall - to winter - and finally back to spring again, in that order.
Use the Midge Mallet (if you have it) to counter when it shrinks you and have the sprite repeatedly cast Thunder. Krissie, the resistance leader, will inform you that someone named Dyluck is draining people’s energy at the ruins. I suggest casting Earth Slide on the Central eye and concentrating on a supporting eye with weapons. This fight will be the same as the first Mech Rider, except he is a lot stronger now and charges across a longer distance. Bring King Truffle back to Matango and he will give you a toy to call Flammie whenever you need him. Take the door to the right when the path splits then hack through the stone with the axe and take the path to the bottom right. Tout allait pour le mieux, jusqu’a ce que, deux siecles plus tard, l'empereur Kazar decide d'envahir le royaume.
Malgre la fatigue, car ils avaient du marcher toute la nuit, ils se battirent vaillamment et vinrent a bout des forces de l’Empire. Il en parla immediatement aux autres villageois, qui baptiserent ce lieu « la cascade de l’epee mysterieuse ». The Sprite has lost his memory on the way down but he can still understand the moogles who have lost their village to invading Pebblers. Upon reaching spring, you will hear a sound and the path in the upper right part of the area will open the way to the village. The Dragon Cave is a long and winding path so you will need to be careful to conserve your items and MP as you fight past its denizens.

Check the stove and when you hear a tapping, open the stove and the elemental Salamando will join you. Before going to the ruins, rest at the inn, buy some new armor, and buy as many Fairy Walnuts as you can hold. You will reach a switch that makes a door appear and then continue on to a large room with many floor switches. Go through the door to the left to make a whip target appear for getting across the chasm later. Croyant qu’elle pouvait etre dangereuse pour le village, ils interdirent l’acces aux chutes. If nothing happened, keep walking around the seasonal loop in the correct order and be sure never to backtrack. If you need to use weapons, try to hit it when it doesn’t land on the ledges as its long feet can keep him out of your reach. Continue through the icy forest until you cone to a clearing with where you will encounter Boreal Face. At this point, I suggest you level up your Salamando magic because fire magic will be very important soon. If you went to the Ice Country and defeated the Frost Gigas, you will already have recovered the fire seed.
At this point, I suggest you stock up on money and go buy the best armor at this point on the Gold Isle, which is northeast of Matango. From there, go to the upper left part of the area to enter the Moogle Village where you will encounter some pillaging Pebblers. Make your way through the Upperland Forest until you reach a cave that will lead you to the village of Matango.
Leave Kakkara Village, go down one screen, left, and then keep going up to reach the Fire Palace. Keep going until you reach the point where you can jump across the chasm with the whip and then step on the switch to make a door appear. Pebblers are a bit tougher than most enemies you have faced so watch for an opening when they aren't spinning or attacking. Go back to the entrance with the magic rope or by walking and grab the weapon orb from the opened gate in the first room.
Next, go on the upper deck and through the door in the middle of the back part of the ship to get the girl. Step on the switch and just walk between the flames when they appear and you will reach a door at the other side of the room.

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