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Monkey Island is celebrated for the quality of its writing, and this is easily one of the earliest examples of a first class storytelling game. Fast-forward a year and I’m thinking about buying a new Windows laptop (to go with my Apple desktop).
Man I wish I had some way to confirm this now, but sadly until we hear more this’ll have to stay in rumor-ville.
2 very different pieces of news from 2 different places seem to be stoking the rumor fire right now.
With the resurgance of pirate popularity, coupled with their status as the chosen ones (at least to believers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see a new Monkey Island.
The Secret of Monkey Island IS not only a nearly perfect adventure game, it’s one of the finest games ever made. Anyway, these guys became the coolest dudes ever (in my book) for recreating this huge Monkey Island head in the snow! And what a perfect way to end the dry spell by showing off something so rare and expensive none of us will ever lay our eyes upon it’s glory.
I speak of the original painting used for the back cover art from Secret of Monkey Island 2.
It’s no secret to the readers here that I have kind of a thing for all things Monkey Island. So when I saw this clip of a full band rendition of the Money Island theme, I knew I’d be posting it up here.
Not only because for every person that plays a LucasArts adventure game the world becomes a cooler place, but for the dedication of the ScummVM team. Drie familieleden van verschillende kleur zitten samen in de politieke arena van Veenendaal.
UTRECHT - De Utrechtse bioscoopuitbater Jos Stelling wil de monumentale City Bioscoop aan de Voorstraat in Utrecht ombouwen tot een complex met vijf zalen. City Bioscoop Utrecht Liefhebbers van de oude bioscopen in Utrecht zien de komst van de megabioscopen met lede ogen aan.
UTRECHT - De Raad van State heeft woensdag een streep gehaald door vrijwel alle bezwaren tegen de komst van een megabioscoop bij de Jaarbeurs.

De dag voor de eerste politionele actie was er een partijraad die iets van elf uur duurde en tot de spannendste vergaderingen uit onze politieke geschiedenis moet worden gerekend. Een jongen zet zijn fiets voor de City-bioscoop op slot en loopt naar binnen om een kaartje af te halen. Avalanche Studios, the original creators of the Just Cause franchise, have just launched a mobile game called Rumble City.
Ak?ll? saat pazar? gunden gune daha da buyurken, LG, bu pazar?n onemli firmalar?ndan bir tanesi olmakta ve simdiye kadar da bir cok modelini pazara sunmustu.
Samsung, 2014 y?l?nda Galaxy S5 Active modelini SM-G870 model kod numaras? ile Galaxy S6 Active modelini ise SM-G890A model numaras? ile piyasaya sunmustu.
Ak?ll? telefon pazar?nda dengeler surekli olarak degisirken, bakt?g?m?zda ozellikle Android ve iOS isletim sistemi uzerinde cal?san ak?ll? telefonlar?n ustunlugunu goruyoruz. Bir suredir hakk?nda bilgiler gelen ve Cinli teknoloji devi Huawei'nin en onemli modellerinden bir tanesi olan Huawei Mate 8 bugun duzenlenen etkinlikle resmi olarak duyuruldu.
Ak?ll? telefon pazar?nda f?rt?na gibi esen Samsung, farkl? tasar?m ve donan?m ozellikleri ile her butceye hitap etmesini biliyor.
Gwyneth Paltrow just became the latest celebrity to toss her cap into the mobile app market.
Japonya'n?n uyuk teknoloji devlerinden bir tanesi olan Panasonic, ak?ll? telefn pazar?nda da yeni modellerle kendini gosterirken, ozellikle Asya pazar?nda faaliyetlerini surduruyor. Ak?ll? telefonlar, tabletler, giyilebilir aksesuarlar icin y?l?n en buyuk ticari fuarlar?ndan biri olan Berlin'de duzenlenecek IFA konferans? icin say?l? gunler kald?. Park yourself amid the city's iPad and smartphone-toting locals and consider other Singapore variations including peanut toast and French toast. I buy a semi-top-of-the-line machine that can run Half-Life 2 at full res 60-fps blah blah blah. It doesn’t hurt that people are beggin for one and Ron Gilbert is back in the spotlight with his work on the Penny Arcade game. Not only does it look incredibly fraking sweet but the picture is being held by a skeleton wearing a pirate hat! Which means it’s yet another place I can play Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle (amongst other classics).

I’ve still got Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and a few others in my collection (btw is there a Vista version of the ScummVM, or a way to run these games?). Of course if your limit is over $700 bucks for a PC game, maybe I don’t have any room to talk.
Gisteren werden alle eerste- en tweedejaarsstudenten van de opleiding onderwijsassistent in galakleding verwacht bij de City Bioscoop in Roosendaal. The same studio that's no working to bring Mad Max on PC and consoles, is bringing Android and iOS gamers an interesting title. GOOP, the lifestyle-focused email newsletter run by the Oscar-winning actress, announced on Tuesday the debut of a new iOS(s AAPL) app called “GOOP City.”.
The game was lauded for the way in which it utilised touch screen controls on what was originally a controller based game.
Even though I had only played it once through when it first came out (in 1993), most of my memories were based on that one play through. Couple that with a serious character flaw when it comes to buying video game collectibles and I’ve got a serious problem when I start browsing eBay.
Het Mediacentrum Gooi en Vechtstreek stelt zich zaterdag 5 september tijdens de Open Studio Dagen voor aan het publiek in de voormalige City-bioscoop aan de Herenstraat. I’d picked up the CD-Rom version of the game about a year ago (the original came on a few diskettes) and just kind of held onto the game. I love Monkey Island, and that in all honesty (as far as originals go) is probably worth it. I just wanted the box and game in my collection, even though I had no Windows machine to play it on.

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