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The inclusion of the orchestra seems to be the best that could happen to Rhapsody, and promises great results for the album.
THUNDER'S MIGHTY ROAR starts with a keyboard riff that reminds me of Nightwish and then what could be termed an orchestra riff, accentuated on violins I think.
GUARDIANS OF DESTINY is the english version of a song that will be in Italian in the full-lenght. SACRED POWERS OF RAGIN WINDS, the title sound cheesy, and the biginning with C.Lee speaking in some strange language, doesn't get any better if you hate fantasy stuff (not to mention the dialog between Dargor and Vankard in the middle of the song). NON HO SONNO is a cover of a Goblin song, a slow paced, calmed almost instrumental piece, very nice.
Some changes with respect to previous albums: Fabio sings much more dramatically, and I dare to say better and better. Then there is a video done by some fans, with parts of songs of the Emerald Sword Saga, with images of caves, forests, the warrior of ice, Aresius, etc. This is a great release for fans, the music is what I expected, much better than Power of the Dragonflame, promising what could be the album of the year. The New York Times bestselling WINGS OF FIRE saga soars to the mysterious land of the NightWings, where Starflight must face a terrible choice -- his tribe, or his friends?In the shadows, trouble is brewing.
Over the weekend Choose Your Path Foundation celebrated the fourth annual professional networking social.
Choose Your Path Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2009 by Raynold Owusu, to create educational programs and expand services to underprivileged students. The program not only provides uplifting support for these students, it also is a way for CYPF to extend its goal of implementing Contingent Successaā€˛? by rewarding those who are willing to give back and work together. The song titles are as always, a little ridiculous, but this doesn't prevent the music from being incredible.

The song seems to be the common "man destroying nature" theme, and may not be part of the "The Dark Secret Saga".
Its a calmed ballad with folky touches, the chorus is great, very progressive and uplifting, and have beautiful instrumental parts. But the music is amazing: a lot of guitar and keyboards playing with the orchestra, not only in the instrumental parts but between verses, chorus sung by Fabio with the choir doing a couple of lines in the middle and at the end, beautiful stuff.
There are some keyboards solos that sound different to the typical Alex Staropoli solo, maybe more Jens Johansson oriented.
Its very funny to hear Luca speak: "Hi, my name is Luca Turilli, and i'm guitarist of Rhapsody". Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. The first two-thirds of the book move at a very slow pace and even for one who was hooked on the series it will be a bit of a slog.
Sutherland is the author of several books for young readers, including the Menagerie trilogy, the Pet Trouble series, and three books in the bestselling Seekers series (as part of the Erin Hunter team). Starflight doesn't have mindreading powers like his tribe, and he doesn't understand why they're so secretive.
This event is geared to help raise awareness to the community about about the foundations goals and efforts to create a conducive environment to aid children in their development. Choose Your Path Foundation (CYPF) believes in rewarding those who are striving to help themselves and better their communities. This one starts (after Christopher's Lee narration) with a sort of march with a strong orchestra and choir that reminds me of the Star Wars soundtrack. There is too much introspection and self-doubt exhibited by Starflight to make him an appealing character.

Their goal is to empower students who are committed to achieving success based on the passions they already possess. The song goes on with orchestra and metal blending beautifully, the solo is Luca Turilli trademark (ultra sweeping), but still has its own greatness.
This is in the vein of Rage of the winter, some long guitar parts, orchestra and a monstrous recorders part. As he learns about the terrible things that the Nightwings are doing and the absolute danger that they face in their homeland, he must make some real decisions. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful husband, two adorable sons, and one very patient dog. By investing in the future of students CYPF strives to transform the lives of students and improve the communities we serve. Starflight wants to help the RainWings, but he's busy saving his own scales and trying to find a way back to his friends.
The action really picks up in the last third of the book as he tries to save Rainwing prisoners, return to his friends and avoid the cataclysmic ending to his tribe’s homeland. The fate of two kingdoms rests in his talons, and with no one to save him, Starflight will have to find a way to be brave . In the end, Starflight does exhibit the bravery expected of one of the Dragonets of Prophecy and manages to help his tribe find a way to start a new life among the Rainwings.

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