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Uma bent forward, tears in her eyes, banging her small fists on Shiva’s well-honed chest. Missing an opportunity to capture the a€?once-in-11-yearsa€? Maha Kumbhmela was not something on photographer Joydeep Mitraa€™s list. But this time, four of us just set out on an adventure, loaded fuel in our car and drove the 1200 kms to the Kumbh,a€? Joydeep began. The angvastram that he had wrapped around his body for warmth had come undone, revealing his neel kanth, the prophesied blue throat.
Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. The Branga soldiers around Uma immediately went down on their knees, heads bowed in respect, tears flooding their eyes.

And it was definitely a challenge to capture them,a€? he shared.Treating this like an assignment that has never been done before and to capture the unfolding events from a different perspective altogether, the group lived in the akhara and learnt from the Naga sadhus themselves about their livelihood. We got lucky because we knew one devotee of an akahara and he got us access to them,a€? he explained.A Joydeep mentioned that though the Sadhus were receptive about the presence of visitors at the mela, they were however sensitive about what was being captured. A conscious decision on his part, Mitra explained, a€?In the 40 frames that are on display, we have made no relevance to their nudity. For those who have chosen the out and out naga way will prefer being nude, but the others who are not are as spiritual as the other Naga sadhus, but they dona€™t portray it that way.a€?One startling incident the team came across at the Maha Kumbh was a a really young kid, dressed the sadhu way. These kids were paraded in a certain way all over the mela and they are even included in the rituals.
Childless couples who believe that sadhus can create magic and go to these sadhus for help must give their first boy to the akhara if the woman conceives post the meeting with the sadhu.

But it was quite shocking to see that this belief still exists,a€? he said.A The overall journey though has left Joydeep with quite the experience. India and its cities had so many stories to tell and as photographers, that was what we were looking for.

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