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This sword-and-sorcery animated feature basically stars two "toys" -- She-Ra (voice of Melanie Britt) and He-Man (voice of John Erwin). He-Man and She-Ra, Secret of the Sword was published in 1985 by Mattel Toys as part of their "The Secret of the Sword Sweepstakes." The inside front cover is the contest entry page. Princess Adora has a special destiny -- to manifest as She-Ra and save Etheria from the really nasty Horde -- but she is not aware of her power-to-be.
If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. When Prince Adam (who is really He-Man) goes to Etheria to find the future She-Ra, his job is cut out for him -- or at least drawn out in standard animation but with added visual tricks that entertain the eye.
He and She-Ra wreak havoc on the nasties, so violence is not absent -- just concentrated on the enemies. Most of the Horde characters (Hordak, Leech, Mantenna, Grizlor) were all part of the Masters of the Universe line. Catra was the only Horde member who was released as part of the She-Ra line, as she was originally intended to be She-Ra’s arch-enemy, before Hordak was eventually given that role. Its purpose was to introduce She-Ra’ character for the new show that would accompany He-man as a sister show.
He carries Adora to the dungeon, his right arm supporting her legs and left holding her body. However, when he enters the dungeon and places Adora down she is now being carried the opposite way (i.e. She-Ra had a more upbeat theme than her brother,He-Man, and quite honestly, her special effects were better too. With all the true He-Manclass, here is a cartoon that has had me captivated both as a kid and anadult.
When Prince Adam enters on aquest to find the owner of a mysterious sword, the adventure goes from onebattle to another. Adam issummoned to Castle Grayskull by the Sorceress, whose part in the movie is ofvital importance.
Bow helps Adam escape some evil guards, after this,Bow takes him too meet the rebel leader, the beautiful Glimmer.
All of these characters are so different, making them allentertaining and interesting to learn about as Adam is on his adventure.But the bad guys are pretty evil.

Under Hordak are some, you would have to say, pretty ordinarycharacters in the realms of the story.
He-Man meeting her has put doubts inher mind, so much so that she goes to learn what the Horde is really like.But under the evil spells of Shadow Weaver, Adora is kept in check. But forhow long?Then when Hordak plans an evil end to the Rebels, all seems doomed forEtheria. After He-Man is captured by Hordak, Adora has a night’s sleep thatis disturbed by strange dreams.
Once she wakes, she learns the secrets ofher past, through her sword of power (which is just like He-Man’s, althoughit has a jewel in the middle of it).
Then when Adoradecides to return to Eternia with Adam, it infuriates Hordak, so much sothat he also returns with them.
Here they all put their delicatetouch to the film, and help bring out the great story that was written.
Regulars like John Erwin,Alan Oppenheimer, Erika Scheimer, Linda Gary and Eric Gunden are joined withMelendy Britt and George Dicendzo. I guess my only criticism wouldbe the exclusion of one of my favourite He-Man characters, that of Orko. Iam sure he would have been an interesting character to add into the story,but I can understand the writers leaving him out. One day his friend, thesorceress, sends him and his talking tiger Cringer on a mission to findthe owner of a magic sword in a different world, Etheria. Before I did that I wasin massive fear that this film will too break my heart and that Ishould maybe avoid it just to keep it a part of my nostalgia.
The bestsequence for me was the one where He-man is captured by the evil Hordewhile Adora can’t sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night. Shethen goes to the chamber where He-man is being held in a special booth.She wants to help him, but also wants to stay loyal to the Horde.
And then,finally, she takes her sword, transforms herself into She-ra and free’sHe-man.
Simply amazing piece of writing that combined hertransformation with her change of character.Truth be told, the story does have flaws. Mostly when it plays back inHe-man’s world( why in the world would He-man and She-ra just leaveSkeletor in Snake mountain after they defeated him?!

It was the best movie I'd ever seen atthat point in my life, and a true sacrifice for my mom, who had noappreciation of swords of power, interdimensional portals or theunyielding resourcefulness of Castle Greyskull.
I thought back toMarch of 1985, did the math and realized I am the same age now as mymom was then.
It's true that my enjoyment of themovie is colored by nostalgia, but the same must be so for the legionsof folks who adored the film in their youth.
The movie makes it easy to slip back into the mind-set of a6-year-old, appreciating the action, the subplots and the tenderness ontheir intended levels. The story follows PrinceAdam (voiced by John Erwin), the timid crown prince of Eternia, whouses his Sword of Power to transform into the muscular, sword-wieldinghero He-Man. Adam travels through a portal to the realm of Etheria inhopes of finding the owner of a secret sword entrusted to him by hisguide, the Sorceress. To his surprise,the sword leads him to Force Captain Adora (Melendy Britt), one ofHordak's stern generals.
Just as He-Man is about to die, the sword he brought to Adoraspeaks to her and reveals her true destiny as She-Ra, a champion ofgood.
Hordak, as youcould imagine, is not at all happy with this development, and herecruits his former pupil, Skeletor, to aid his cause.
Such lines are amusing to an adult butserious to a child — and that fact makes it even funnier to an adult.
I will always remember the thrill of seing Adoratransform herself into She-Ra to save Etheria. He-Man (Prince Adam) discovers he has a sister She-Ra(Princess Adora)and that Hordak, Skeletor’s former mentor kidnapped her asababy, and raised almost as his own daughter.
He-Man’s task is to traveltoEtheria (the world that Hordak took her to) and give her her own magicsword(called the Sword of Protection) and reveal to her her true identity, thePrincess of Eternia, and She-Ra. It is at that moment the sword reveals its purposeand the Sorceress realizes it is time for the true heir to the sword toemerge.
But she cannot accomplish her goal alone, for she cannot leavethe vicinity of Grayskull and retain her powers.

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