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Shri.Ramdas Kadam, Minister for Environment Inaugurated the 'first look' of our new hindi film 'KARBONN' at a function organised by the Govt. The aim for Suryaa Films Kreation is to gain better understanding of viewers and discover how to create tailored interactive entertainment programs for them, for that factor alone means that we could be poised to enter entirely new realm’s of entertainment we have experience, technique, contacts and family we believe about what makes A GREAT TEAM. We deliver films on Suryaa Films Kreation, Shivamrut Creation,  Amruta Films Pvt Ltd and Amruta Films banner.

Ultimately, A TEAM is a set of convictions that surround a program or quality in the viewer’s mind.
We have different branches on the horizon expanding the creativity to its purest form as the nature balances its growth by spreading its new branches and roots all over.

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