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UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: New Photo Found Revealing Same Woman Figure On Mars, UFO Sighting News. Anyway I found all the old anomalies and a few more that were not visible in the other photo. UFO FilesOut of This World#'''Out of This World''' (''original air date: January 9, 2006''): Are we alone in the universe?
UFO FilesUFO Cults#'''UFO Cults''': An investigation into cults and their members, some of whom believe in UFOs.
UFO FilesUFOs and the White House#'''UFOs and the White House''' (''original air date: July 25, 2005''): Did you know that the office of President of the United States has had a direct involvement with UFOs for over 50 years? UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: NASA Employee Leaves Top Secret Photos Of Base On Moon On Desk While Press Takes Photo 2012, UFO Sighting News.
Update on Aug 2014: Anthony Colapret, the scientist for NASA with his arm on the photo still works for NASA today. UPDATE: This building is located in the same crater that NASA sent a nuclear bomb to explode.
Yes NASA did drop a small nuclear bomb on the moon in 2009, I personally watched it live on the internet with my students. Schneider asserts that he was suspicious of the engineering operation while noticing the presence of Green Berets and Special Forces. Schneider became an outspoken advocate calling for the government to be more transparent about their knowledge of alien life. These are all of the reports found after searching through thousands of files that have any refrence to Unidentified Flying Objects, extraterrestrials, and flying saucers.
While we did our best to extract as much information as possible, documents that are still labeled Top Secret or Classified, cannot be released to the general public. For instance there is a triangle rock with what looks to be a long pipe sticking out of it (above photo). In November 2001, we convened a team of experts at the National Archives for an exclusive first look at the top-secret government files of the UFO incident. We expose this never-before-seen installation through interviews, on-camera tours, dramatic reenactments, and extensive recreations. Many Russian UFO enthusiasts believe that proof of alien encounters exists--but it's being hidden from them!
From Brazil to Mexico, from Washington State to Florida, multiple witnesses, including air traffic controllers and even military personnel, confirm that something unexplained is repeatedly happening in the night sky. Through intensive reinterpretation of early religious documents, researchers believe that they have found evidence of ancient UFO activity. The structure is at the bottom center of the photo, but must be enlarged 3X to view it better. Also the NASA Ames Research Center does get intel on such structures because one is being used by the USMC as an America base right now! The initial United States Army Air Force press release claimed they had recovered a flying disk. In August 1974, the United States military was tracking a mysterious object over Mexico; then suddenly it disappeared from radar near Coyame. After the war, the Americans, Canadians and Russians all were able to build aircraft similar to the German prototype, perhaps based on the concepts smuggled out by German engineers.
And the Aurora crash allegedly took place five years before the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, so whatever was in the air was not manmade. Many of these documents have never been seen on television before and some of the stories surrounding these UFO-presidential encounters are broadcast for the first time.
Nightmare''' (''original air date: ?''): UFO Files examines the most debatable aspect of alien contact--human abduction!
Obviously he freaked out and grabbed a pistol he was carrying (because that's what engineers do?) and shot and killed two aliens.
Is it some kind of rebar like metal that was once a structure or is this some kind of ventilation shaft for some underground base for tiny aliens?
Eyewitness accounts of the crash, mysterious metal found at the site, and the hunt for the only known alien graveyard are all combined into a story that has even the most adamant debunkers baffled. Recounts the recorded UFO encounters that have taken place near test ranges, air bases and nuclear power plants. But in the late 1940s, the modern era of UFO sightings took off with the mysterious crash of a flying object near Roswell, New Mexico.UFO files - UFOs: Then and Now?
From the first recorded case, the 1961 kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, to the 1976 Allagash Incident, when four friends were whisked away while on a camping trip, we hear firsthand from participants and a neuroscientist, who offers more earthbound solutions.UFO files - UFOs: Then and Now? We tell the stories, then disbelievers present their best guess of what witnesses really saw.UFO files - UFOs vs. THIS BUILDING IS NOW CURRENTLY INHABITED BY US MILITARY PERSONAL…THAT IS WHY THESE YOUNG RESEARCHERS (LEARNING) ARE LOOKING AT IT NOW.
Another alien shot some laser-plasma ball or whatever at him and blew off some of his fingers.

What follows next is the stuff Hollywood blockbusters are made of: a crash site, a spacecraft, dead bodies, a covert recovery mission, and a government cover-up. Long before man landed on the moon, people have been asking these and other questions that are out of this world. The most famous sightings of the decade are recalled and up-to-date information on the closest of encounters is provided.
Corso and William Birnes, we explore if technologies like the laser, fiber optics, the integrated circuit, super-strong fibers, and night vision were developed with the aid of aliens. From Delphos, Kansas to Roswell, New Mexico, explore the mysterious and the unknown, and meet those who claim to have seen UFOs, or were even abducted by aliens. Join us for a review of mankind's efforts to reach out to Extraterrestrial Intelligence as we listen for a cosmic signal that we are not alone!UFO files - UFOs: Then and Now? Career officer Corso claims his first alien encounter came on July 6, `47, while on late-night security rounds at Ft. At first inspection, the technology seems crazy, but according to our experts, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. While the sheer volume of encounters garners attention, it's the apparent quality, or credibility, of these incidents that has our attention.
Riley, Kansas, where he saw bodies of EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) inside shipping crates.
In 1961, as Chief of Foreign Technology in the Army's department of Research and Development, his job included analyzing alien technology from Roswell, then introducing it into America's technological mainstream--thus, reverse-engineering alien artifacts.
Using data gleaned from years of UFO sightings, we recreate a typical ship using cutting-edge animation, discover why aliens choose the craft shapes they do, learn how they overcome the effects of Earth's atmosphere, defy gravity, cancel inertia, and travel faster than the speed of light!
We explore the technology that makes other-world visitations possible, what distance-shrinking device or wormhole excavator permits ships to travel space's expanse in minutes, and how the semi-transparent spacecraft skin functions. But with the advent of modern astronomy toward the end of the 19th century, old myths were transformed into compelling new theories about alien civilizations.
Alien Hunters documents the history of our search for extra-terrestrial life, explaining the technologies used, introducing the pioneers and revealing the most promising discoveries. Naval Observatory, talk about bizarre 19th century plans to attract alien attention by creating giant canals of flame in the Sahara or enormous earthworks in Siberia.
Frank Drake, President of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), provides a modern perspective. And examine mysterious signals from outer space that cannot be satisfactorily explained by any natural phenomenon. His job is to investigate secret programs--the shadow defense industry, worth billions of dollars, but hidden from public view. Now, with more people than ever believing in UFOs, Cook wants to know what really has been flying through our air space. He traces the phenomenon from early sightings of UFOs during WWII to the mass reports of alien abductions that swept America in the 1980s and `90s.
Scientists investigate ancient ruins, artifacts, and texts from around the world exploring the possibility of previous extraterrestrial visits and the plausibility of future stopovers!In modern times, the first UFO was reported in 1947.
Join the worlds leading UFO experts including the authors of the bestselling Alien Identities and Fingerprints of the Gods for an extraordinary investigation that journeys through human history in search of evidence of alien contact. Why do so many structures, from different societies worldwide, seem to point towards the same spot in the skies? What other possible explanation is there for the frequent references to strange flying objects in ancient texts? In 1989, revelations of Las Vegas resident Bob Lazar brought Area 51 to national attention. Lazar claimed to possess amazing inside information, but he wasn't the first to state that something strange was going on. Those who discount Lazar's theories think the government kept its activities from the general public for a more plausible reason. The base, built at the Cold War's height, housed testing of cutting-edge aviation technology.
We now bring you the inside story of not just the book but the phenomena of this amazing story.
For the first time, THE UFO FILES reveals actual cockpit and control tower recordings of these sightings. For nearly two months, strange flying objects visit the island--some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, some luminous and some not. The Brazilian Air Force sends a task force to the island for three months and it returns with 300 night photos and several motion picture reels.
Though a 500-page report is compiled, along with a catalogue of the sightings, maps, and interview transcripts, it's kept from the public.
Investigating a glowing object in the woods, they came upon a triangular metal craft which shot above the treetops after one serviceman touched it.
Two nights later, the Deputy Base Commander and a team investigating the alleged site saw lights over a field beyond the woods and a red object.

Though some documents relating to the incident have been released under the Freedom of Information Act, the encounters remain shrouded in secrecy and controversy. On the night of the 25th, when servicemen spot a glowing object in the woods, they investigate and come upon a triangular metallic craft. Two nights later, the Deputy Base Commander and a team investigating the alleged site see lights over a field beyond the woods and a red object. A memorandum issued by the Deputy Base Commander, which records some statements, is later released via the Freedom of Information Act. Join us for the amazing story of Britain's X-Files as we examine the bizarre and intriguing history of Britain's UFO phenomenon. The journey takes in skeptical prime ministers, senior RAF officers, and Royal believers Prince Philip and Lord Mountbatten. It begins in 1950, when Clement Attlee's government established the extraordinary Flying Saucer Working Party, and ends in 2000, when the Ministry of Defense disbanded its UFO intelligence unit. In between, flying saucers played on deep fears of the Communist threat during the Cold War, and exploded into popular culture in the 1960s.
But why did flying saucers suddenly appear in England, and why did the government take so long to admit that something was going on? Commonly known as cattle mutilations, these bizarre deaths happen to horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, and others, though the most frequent victims are cattle. Most often, udders, ears, tongues, and eyes are somehow surgically removed from the animal without spilling a drop of blood! We explore the prevailing belief that extraterrestrial beings bear responsibility for these grotesque, bloodless slaughters. Alien presence provides an explanation for the manner of killings and the ability to perform the delicate operation so consistently and so precisely.
Discovered in a cave in 1938, each 12" disc contains a double spiral of tiny hieroglyphs that are said to contain the historical record of an alien race called the Dropa that crash-landed in an isolated region of China 12,000 years ago. The story of the Dropa Stones is an amazing tale filled with mystery, deceit, and conspiracy, and today, skeptics and true believers wage an ongoing battle over what they are, what they mean, and if they even exist at all. But in the 1980s, the phenomenon escalated, with dozens of crop circles popping up in England and other countries. When two Englishmen claimed they had perpetrated the hoax, many felt the riddle was solved. These supposed otherworldly vessels have been reported, some believe, as far back as ancient Egypt. Others believe that USOs were reported by Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus, and might even involve the lost city of Atlantis.
The show features a dive into the Santa Catalina Channel near Los Angeles to search for trace evidence of a 1992 USO event--a detailed account of the USS FDR, a magnet for USO and UFOs from the early 1950s until its decommissioning in the 1970s, with at least eight major sightings.
Australia's famous Tully Water-Crop Circle Case is explored, as well as many other astounding and recent USO cases from the US and the world. Elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees go on the record for the first time regarding Hangar 18, the top-secret facility on Dayton, Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
Then hear accounts of flying saucer debris, alien bodies, cryogenic chambers and a vast underground network that may hold the secrets to the UFO mystery.
Some residents claimed to see an acorn-shaped metal object with strange, hieroglyphic writing on its side, half-buried on the forest floor.
The only thing the government documents conclusively prove is that the object was not a Russian probe.
This dangerous ocean triangle has reportedly claimed hundreds if not thousands of ships, airplanes, and submarines since the first written reports in the 13th century. Could these lost vessels be the result of bad oceanic conditions or possibly something more mysterious? Hundreds of eyewitnesses swear they encountered aliens and dozens claim they have actual physical proof. To test their claims and sift fact from fiction, we conduct a hypnotic regression in which abductees relive shocking alien encounters, witness surgery to remove a foreign object, and sweep the night sky looking for possible alien-inhabited planets. Join us for a review of mankind's efforts to reach out to Extraterrestrial Intelligence as we listen for a cosmic signal that we are not alone!#'''UFOs: Then and Now? But in the late 1940s, the modern era of UFO sightings took off with the mysterious crash of a flying object near Roswell, New Mexico.#'''UFOs: Then and Now? From the first recorded case, the 1961 kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, to the 1976 Allagash Incident, when four friends were whisked away while on a camping trip, we hear firsthand from participants and a neuroscientist, who offers more earthbound solutions.#'''UFOs vs.

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