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PASSIONS's casting department knew what it was doing when it signed newcomers Danica Stewart and Heidi Mueller (Kay) to portray siblings. It wasn't until we put a giggly Danica Stewart on the spot during an interview that she revealed the reasons behind the choices she makes. The 18-year-old Southridge High School graduate will portray one of the lead characters in a new television series called Brats, which is planned tentatively for a fall premiere.
But before Stewart starts acting like a Brat, she'll make her soap opera debut Wednesday on General Hospital. In the soap gig, Stewart plays the 16-year-old daughter of Felicia, a longtime private investigator on the show.
Though Stewart, daughter of Donna and John Stewart of Kennewick, had a similar clean-cut image while growing up in the Tri-Cities, that didn't make it any easier to act the part. Maxie will have a recurring role on the soap opera, which Stewart will be able to fit in between the filming of Brats, her manager said. All through high school Stewart's mother took her to Seattle each month for private acting lessons.

She also took on some modeling work, shot some commercials, had bit roles in a few music videos and appeared in a segment of CSI television series last year. But as soon as Stewart graduated from Southridge last June, she made the big move to California. She's spent the past 10 months supporting herself working odd jobs -- a restaurant hostess and store clerk -- in between taking acting classes and going out on hundreds of auditions. She might have succeeded in getting more acting jobs had she been willing to take on more enticing roles, she said. Her mother, Donna Stewart, said she worries but believes her daughter is mature and responsible enough to handle Hollywood. Stewart's blond, wholesome good looks are definitely a plus in the acting business and probably are what caught Spelling attention, her agent said.
Three years later, Southridge High School graduate Danica Stewart is making quite a name for herself.
She'll have an older brother and two younger siblings, and her father will be played by Rob Estes of Melrose Place and Silk Stockings fame.

There's a magic about her that people in this business see right off the bat," Hines said. Her mother will be portrayed by Cynthia Geary, best known for her role in the movie 8 Seconds. Instead, she spent all four years at Southridge High as a cheerleader, which helped conquer her bashfulness. We're about the same age and we have so much in common -- like, we're both from small towns. Heidi and I share a dressing room and we're going to go shopping and get all kinds of stuff for it." Meanwhile, Stewart is tickled that she is buddied up with someone from WHO WANTS TO MARRY MY DAD?

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