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NKVD Terror describes the numerous layers and intensities of terror usedby the NKVD to suppress and control Soviet subjects duringWorld War Two. Her Majesty Queen Jadis' Secret Police also known as the White Witch's Secret Police was the undercover police force established by the Narnian ruler Jadis. This Police force was created specifically for the purposes of intimidation, reconaissance, and spying on the oppressed Narnian citizens.
Most of the Secret Police was made up of wolves, including Vardan and the head Captain of the Police, Maugrim, but it also included some of the ever-listening trees and various other creatures, who worked as spies.
Maugrim was killed during the Skirmish at the Stone Table, thereby the Secret Police lost its captain, and it dissolved after the White Witch died at the First Battle of Beruna, and the Pevensies were all crowned the new monarchs of Narnia.

The Soviet NKVD was involved in espionage, frontlinecombat, mass murder, partisan warfare, the operations of penal campsand units, mass deportations, and a variety of frauds and deceptions.Soviet NKVD mass murders are the most heinous of their crimes. They also went so far as to arrest any who they viewed of as traitors, including the Faun Tumnus, or those they were ordered to by Jadis. In those blood drenched killing fields tens of thousands ofinnocent NKVD victims rot, piled one upon the other. Soviet NKVDespionage was so efficient that they not only infiltrated all thedecision-making levels of Hitler’s Germany, but also the highest levels of the USA and Britain as well.
Like the mass murder gravesites in modern Russia, Soviet NKVD suppression, mass murder, and espionage was so widely spread that it would take twenty volumes to catalog only some of its major points.

QuikManeuvers has pledged itself to make public the heretofore hidden criminal record of NKVD Terror.

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