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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Next week we will be talking about Modern Filipino Cooking and we will discuss recipes that have been created decades after the 2nd World War.
In this segment, which┬áI am thinking of doing on a regular basis, I will let you guess what are the secret ingredients to this Filipino Food. I was going to go with Kinilaw — though made with a non traditional atlantic salmon rather than bangus.

Actually most of you get it already buy I challenge you guys to do a mini-recipe of what you see in the pics.
This week, I will be giving you a glimpse of what we will be taking about not only next week but also for the next month. The final dish appears to have the mystery ingredient, and it’s smaller than it first appeared. I wanted to show the entire dish on the last picture that’s why it looks smaller compared to others.

His love for food set him up in a journey through the kitchens of the Philippines to chef-swearing laden restaurants of Melbourne where he has worked mainly as a dishwasher, stockist, searcher of missing ingredients, deep frier of everything, arranger of antipasti on a supposed to be chopping board, kitchen cart surfer, emergency pastry chef, take-the-pans-we're-on-a-ciggy-break, chefs' cook of take home food, salad scientist and quite a number of mundane everyday things in the kitchen.

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