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Want to unlock all 14 new Disney Crossy Road secret hidden characters from the April update?
Find out what's changing in this year's sequel and how Shadow Warrior 2 will differ from its predecessor.
There’s a whole host of games where you can play as the manager of your tower, add floors or rooms to the building to help grow it as you see fit and help ensure your citizens’ survival.

Disney Crossy Road got its first major update this week, which included 25 new characters from classic Disney films – 15 of which are from the Jungle Book. The other 10 are secret or hidden characters added from other films in the game like Toy Story, Haunted Mansion and Lion King.
Below we’ve included a list of all the new Jungle Book characters added to the game, along with all the hidden or secret characters added and how to unlock them.

If you want to see all hidden characters previously released in the game, you can check out our earlier post, here.New Disney Crossy Road Jungle Book Characters And How To Get Them There are 15 new Jungle Book characters in the Disney Crossy Road game, 4 of which are secret characters.

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