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Super Greed is a harder version of the Greed mini-boss added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion that is sometimes found in Shops and Secret Rooms.
The strategy I like to use when fighting Super Greed is to completely ignore the Keepers and focus on the boss itself.
Avoiding his main attack is actually pretty easy; all you have to do is stand still since both his attack and the Keeper's will not fire projectiles directly at the player but in his vicinity.

Finally, keep it mind that touching or getting hit by either Super Greed or the Keepers will cause the player to drop some of his coins. He has a similar physical structure to Greed but is bigger, has pennies in his eyes, and a dollar sign on his forehead.
It moves randomly accross the room but will occasioanlly move towards the player, so watch out. The reason for this is that Keepers have quite a lot of health and will simply be replaced when killed. This is true when a certain distance is kept from you and the mini-boss as standing too close will still cause you to get hit even from the center.

These coins can be picked up to replenish some of what you have lost, but you will never get back the full amount. It is also possible for Super Greed to have three Keepers helping him if you kill one, as he will replace that one with two more.

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