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Official norad santa tracker, For 60 years, norad predecessor, continental air defense command (conad) tracked santa’ flight. The secret doctrines assassins - alamut., The secret doctrines assassins compiled richard shand.
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Organize a truly universal gift registry for any occasion such as weddings, anniversary's, baby showers and more.
Organize your family's wish lists, Christmas wish lists and birthday gift lists in safe, fully interactive online communities.

Arrange Secret Santa and Raffle Events!After adding participants to the event you can select the menu option to draw. After adding participants to the event you can select the menu option to draw.Participants can be notified by sms or email.
If you are a participant of the event you can send sms directly to not reveal santas to you.Make sure the option "Reveal Santas after Draw" is disabled.
Use context menu option "Send Notification" to send sms or email using your preferred app and edit the message text. In the participants list a telephone symbol is shown if you already sent a notification by sms.

Using menu option "Send SMS directly" a sms to all participants with a mobile number will be sent.
You can also enter details about the party location, time and date.You can have our "electronic hat" pick the names for you one of two ways: 1) When all of your invited guests accept, or 2) A fixed date before the gift exchange partyIta€™s that easy!

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