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October 13, 2013 by Stephanie There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas… but for a fun and exciting party you should certainly consider a secret santa, also known as the white elephant gift exchange! Check out this brand new gift exchange party invitation with all the random and silly ideas on the card. Let the bright colors, modern design and charming white elephant gift exchange invitation gather your friends and family together and fill them with excitement! Love this new design with the white elephant prominently standing out from the festive red candy cane background.
If you prefer a modern and chic card for your white elephant gift exchange party, this is an elegant one that will be loved by your guests. Create some friendly competition this year with this adorable white elephant gift exchange party invitation.
An invite designed specifically for gift exchange with a pretty, candy-cane inspired ribbon to spell out the words.
Here is a vibrantly printed invitation card designed just for a Secret Santa gift exchange party. My mother is planning a Secret Santa event at her work and asked me to help her with the details. Start by opening our Secret Santa sign-up download in Microsoft Word and customize the dollar amount and instructions to suit your particular Secret Santa event.

Then print out the sign-up sheet and hang it somewhere prominent at work (or wherever you are hosting your Secret Santa event).
When you’ve gathered all the names on your list, print out enough info cards for everyone who has signed up. Each person will fill out a card with his or her name and some personal favorites that will help their Secret Santas shop for them. To help your Secret Santas out when it comes time to hand out gifts, print a bunch of the gift labels from our download as well, and put them in a common location, or hand them out to everyone. Momlet, the sign-up sheet and info card download is in .doc format, which means you can open it in Microsoft Word. I was pulling my hair out becase I was just assigned the Secret Santa this year and wanted it to be different. This is great, thank you for sharing, so easy to download and customize for our needs without having to recreate from scratch. You want to giggle as you write the poem on your gift tag and you want the gift receiver to chuckle as well. The Secret Santa poems are all done,but certainly not all the fun.Continue on to view this site,chances of boredom are pretty slight. For more party invitation ideas, go to our pinterest page or front page for other Chrismas themes.

I’ve been trying to convince my family to do a secret santa for years, to eliminate having to buy gifts for everyone in my big Italian family.
Colleague and I are going to use this to put together our Secret Santa this year for 20+ people! We wanted to get a head start this year and the template is what we were looking for share with the staff!!!! You don't want to spend too lavishly, but you also definitely don't want to give a lame present. We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe. They look more extravagant than they are, they're just the right size to go under a tree, in a locker, or atop a desk, and they're all between $4 and $31.

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