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A few weeks in advance of the party and the gift exchange, throw everyonea€™s names into a bowl and have everyone pick a name of who theya€™ll be shopping for. Because of the secrecy, Secret Santa typically works best in a group of friends or family who know each other well.
Today is Cyber Monday and that mean are racing to their computers to get the best deals on holiday gifts. Visions of furry little puppies in festively wrapped packages and kittens peering out of Christmas stockings paint a rosy picture of a perfect holiday gift. Show SpoilerI lent him my sleigh to move around on this canvas.Thanks so much, it's adorable! From NiteShadow we have a beautiful MFGG Mosaik that uses pictures from MFGG, made by members or parts of the forum skins. So if I'm not mistaken, that just leaves Madox as the only person not to send in a gift, correct?

Clip art of a grinning snowman with a red Santa hat wearing a colorful red-and-green striped scarf. Clip art of a square yellow Christmas photo frame with a green border and poinsettias on the corners.
But how you gift those presents may depend on who else is also doing the gift giving and the budgets of everyone involved.
This yeara€™s top trends, however, will make it easy for you to pick out perfect gifts that everyone will love! In recent years technology has been the trend when it comes to gift giving and experts at BuyDig say this 2014 holiday season is no different. Sorry, I know it's not what you wanted but I saw that you liked Konata judging from your signature, and I thought it would be cool to draw her. Both Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges are popular, but how should you decide between the two when it comes to your next holiday party?

You also said that you like gift art (well this isn't your ref, at least I don't think but you hopefully know what I mean).
Or, you can download the hi-res version for $4 which provides the image in hi-resolution, in JPG, GIF, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator formats.
This is really my first experience coloring scanned work in paint so don't hate me for those bad colorings.

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