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We refrained from using a drum roll for the reveal, well, because… the name has been bouncing around for weeks, and today that rumor was confirmed.
Taco Bell’s newest taco, the Quesalupa, which is part chalupa, part quesadilla, will officially go on sale Monday. Details about the Quesalupa will be revealed during a commercial set to air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Earlier this week the chain was taking pre-orders for the mystery item for pick-up during a two hour window on Saturday. He’s also predicting that the Quesalupa will see a surge in interest after the Super Bowl ad – but will quickly drop of out of the public consciousness.
Just another food journalist chewing his way through the fat in the endless search for the tender meat close to the bone.
Taco Bell fans who are dying to be the first to try what the chain is calling its “biggest food creation yet” will be able to pre-order it at for pickup on Saturday – even though they still won’t know what it is.
The mystery addition to the menu will be revealed to the world in a TV ad to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday.
Taco Bell is making Snapchat a core part of its super-secret Super Bowl campaign, teasing a mystery item coming to its menu next week. Top Snapchat personalities like Shonduras and musicians like The Mowgli’s will post messages to their followers telling them to join the story on Taco Bell’s account, which will tease the new mystery item ahead of the brand’s new menu item ahead of the first-quarter Super Bowl ad that will reveal the new item. Taco Bell hopes the buzz brings newcomers to its Snapchat account, where it currently has 250,000 followers.
Taco Bell worked with Deutsch on the campaign with an assist from digital firm Zefr to identify the Snapchat influencers. For 18- to 24-year-olds, Snapchat will be the second-most used social media channel behind Facebook, according to SalesForce. Taco Bell has kept its new menu item under close guard since sending out a playfully redacted memo about the upcoming product launch last month. It is taking blind orders on its app, however, for people who want to be the first to try the new taco-type foodstuff when it hits stores Monday. Customers who just can’t wait to find out what may be rolled in that paper wrapper can order the mystery menu item here for $2.99 (you can order up to five). If pre-order isn’t for you, you’ll find out during Sunday’s Super Bowl what Taco Bell has in mind. In the past, they had the breakfast taco, a Sriracha Quesarito a burrito stuffed with Cheetos.
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Taco Bell hasn't said anything about the product, but many believe the new mystery item is a quesalupa - a chalupa in a cheese-stuffed shell. Back in January, Taco Bell announced in a press release with the keywords redacted that it's releasing a new mystery product to coincide with Super Bowl 50. Taco Bell is making sure that the hype for their new product stays as high as possible before the official release, already releasing trailers to tease the Super Bowl commercial that feature NBA star James Harden and "Alien Expert" Giorgio Tsoukalos.
Taco Bell aficionados enticed by the new offering, or just liking to live life on the edge, can order the item to be picked up on Feb.

Despite the chain staying mum about the product, there are a few hints about what the mystery item might be.
Regardless of what the new item is, Taco Bell has already done what it set out to accomplish: generate hype.
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This product image provided by Taco Bell Corp., shows Taco Bell's new Johnsonville sausage and egg wrap, one of the items the fast-food chain will be offering on its new breakfast menu which debuts on Jan.
Taco Bell is entering the mad scramble by fast-food heavyweights to compete for the morning on-the-go crowd. There will be plenty of companies paying big bucks for TV ads to get noticed on Super Bowl Sunday, but Yum! The only thing we know for sure is that pre-orders are being placed at $2.99, twice as much as the BOSS Nachos that it rolled out two months ago. Quesalupa -- a chalupa where melted pepper Jack cheese is stuffed into the crisp chalupa shell -- was tested out in three dozen Ohio locations early last year. Croissant Taco would be the latest addition to Taco Bell's breakfast offerings if it's the item unveiled. Finally we have the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco, a taco where the corn or flour tortilla shell is actually made of fried chicken. Rick has been writing for Motley Fool since 1995 where he's a Consumer and Tech Stocks Specialist. It’s SO secret that the people acting in the Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial had to hold a green brick instead of the actual menu item, so it could be superimposed during editing!
The blitz starts Saturday, when it will post to its account and to the accounts of high-profile users on the platform. It has sold out its official Live Story around the game with four sponsors, Amazon, Pepsi, Marriott and Budweiser. The messaging and media app is increasingly relevant for brands looking to reach a young audience. Thirty-one percent of that age group will be checking the platform around the game, but it is behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in every other age group. It also hasn’t revealed its Super Bowl commercial either, opting to wait for the first-quarter run time instead. Your secret snack will then be available for pick-up at your local Taco Bell between 2 and 4 p.m.
There was a good article in the news cycle recently about the lowest quality of meat legally sold at fast food joint like Taco Bell (mentioned by name), but instead you do a promo. However, fans now have the chance to pre-order the mystery item on Saturday - two days before its official release - though interested consumers won't know what it is until they actually get their hands on it. The product is $2.99 and you can only pre-order five, so it can't be anything particularly fancy. Fans have been feverishly looking around to uncover further details and scour the allergen info's ingredients, which coincidentally shares many common ingredients with the pre-existing chalupa.

Breakfast has become the most important meal of the day for restaurants, accounting for virtually all of the industry's growth in the past five years.
Nation's Restaurant News breaks down the three leading contenders, based on items that have been recently tested out in select markets. Taco Bell called it one of the most successful tests in the chain's history, making it the odds-on favorite to be the new item going nationwide this weekend.
Taco Bell made a splash with the Waffle Taco when it rolled out a national breakfast menu two years ago. It will naturally start making the social media rounds on Saturday afternoon as early adopters pick up their mystery items, long before the Super Bowl spot even airs. And there are 3 stocks that are poised to explode when this faltering $2.2 trillion industry finally bites the dust. It also has a sponsored animated lens that people can put on their photos, but the advertiser has not been named yet. Like many companies, Taco Bell is set to make a grande splash at Sunday’s Super Bowl with their ad.
With than in mind, all indicators suggest the new item is the Quesalupa, a chalupa in a cheese-stuffed shell that the chain has been testing in Toledo, Ohio, for about a year. If you can't wait until Sunday, pre-order it to pick up on Saturday afternoon sight unseen.
The fast-food chain known for affordable Mexican eats where quantity often trumps quality is promising to unveil a new menu item as the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl 50 this weekend. Just like newspaper publishers, telephone utilities, stockbrokers, record companies, bookstores, travel agencies, and big box retailers did when the Internet swept away their business models. He's been an analyst for Motley Fool Rule Breakers and a portfolio lead analyst for Motley Fool Supernova since each newsletter service's inception. The fast food joint is unveiling what they’re calling their “biggest launch to date” revealing a yet-to-be-made-public menu item during the game. Lunch sales, in particular, fall because they're not grabbing a bite to eat during the workday.
Those brave souls will be ordering Taco Bell's new item sight unseen, but is it really much of a leap of faith?
Making the move to Croissant Taco -- a breakfast taco blanketed by a flaky croissant -- would be a logical evolutionary step. Taco Bell is using the big game to promote the new menu item, but perhaps more importantly its mobile and online ordering app. And when cable falters, you don't want to miss out on these 3 companies that are positioned to benefit.
We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.
He earned his BBA and MBA from the University of Miami, and he now lives a block from his alma mater. And at a time when people are cutting back on discretionary spending, breakfast is a cheaper alternative when eating out than dinner.Fast-food restaurants have taken notice. A limited number of stores in Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma will also have the breakfast menu.Some Taco Bell restaurants already are open around the clock to accommodate the new breakfast offerings.

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