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Afterwards, Zak asks for a picture with Ben as an alien, which at then Rook remarks why people always like Ben's aliens while he and all the aliens in Undertown are real aliens. Drew Saturday would later make a cameo appearance in Ben 10: Omniverse episode 78, titled "The Most Dangerous Game Show", competing in a game show alongside many other female characters until she is eliminated in the second round.
Fiskerton is apparently responsible for several attacks on Secret Scientists, so Zak and the family cryptids go on a quest to clear their names.
Despite "Monday" being a supposed made up name for them, when Zak Saturday asks Drew Monday if she "Would you trust Zak Monday?" she responded with a "no". Komodo Monday says "As Zak sends your brothers to destroy all of Paris", but Zon is a girl. Eleven years ago the Secret Scientists discovered the stone in a Sumerian Civilization, but it was stolen by V.V.
The above description came from Nik Schexnayder, and was edited by yours truly (contact me). Pour decouvrir The Secret Saturdays : Beasts Of The 5th Sun, nous avons extrait des images issues du jeu. Les images (copie d'ecran ou photo) permettent une premiere impression sur le graphisme et le gameplay du jeu.
Partagez l'image de The Secret Saturdays : Beasts Of The 5th Sun sur les reseaux sociaux par les liens en haut a droite.

Que l'image vous plaise ou vous deplaise, faites reagir vos ami(e)s et vos contacts a The Secret Saturdays : Beasts Of The 5th Sun. Retrouvez l'actualite de tous les jeux video PC et Console que vous preferez sur le magazine gratuit Jeux The Secret Saturdays are chasing a small Chupacabra. They accidentally run into Ben Tennyson as Shocksquatch and mistook him for a cryptid. They are led to Paris by Zak and Komodo Monday, who need Zak to retrieve their airship from the antimatter universe, now accessible through the repaired smoke mirror. So it can be possible that Monday is their surname, as Drew Monday responded knowing who he was talking about, or it is possible she just went with it due to the circumstances.
Ben transforms into Shocksquatch and with a giant electric attack, he defeats the army somehow and times out. If you're one of those hard-core anime purists who can't stand seeing a non-anime series on a site dedicated to Japanese animation, then just press the Back button on your web browser and pretend like you were never here.The Secret Saturdays is a family of scientists (cryptozoolologists) who are trying to prevent Kur the king of Cryptids from being awoken to raise a Cryptid army. The Secret Scientist then tried to retrieve the stone in the mansion, but it was a disaster as only seven out of a hundred survived the mission.
Grace aux forums et a nos equipes de testeurs, nous vous proposons aussi des astuces, des codes et des configs ainsi que des patchs, cheats, soluces et les dernieres mises a jour. After that, the Kur Stone was split into three and scattered across America so no one could ever find them.

Argost continues to fight Zak while the rest of the Saturdays fight Animo and the chupacabras.
Thus, when Zak and Komodo Monday try to take off with it, it falls out of the sky and back into the mirror, trapping the Mondays in their own dimension once more.
She later in Curse of the Stolen Tiger assists the Saturdays in reclaiming a village's stolen blue tiger from Shoji Fuzen, Wadi helping to defeat him by stealing a component from Shoji's high-tech armor that controls its flight capability.
All of Zak's family thought that he has a crush on her (which turned out to be true) due to his being very clumsy around her, which he vehemently denies until she admits she thinks he's cute, which he immediately blushes at. In order for him to find Kur, he needs the Kur Stone which will give him clues as to Kur's location.
And so  the chupacabra attack Fisk and wrap their tongues around his leg, pulling him to Dr.
In the episode Life in the Underground, Wadi shows that she has a crush on Zak, and gives him a kiss on the cheek and has a new purple yo-yo which Zak point out it similar to his claw and knew how to do tricks with it. Animo reveals that he has an entire army of Cryptids and that his simple mind control can't control them.

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