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English Country Dances -- Tuesdays 7-10:15pm -at Philip Coltoff Center, 219 Sullivan Street, unless otherwise stated.
Acoustic Vacations in the Mountains Inclusive retreats at the West Mountain Inn, Arlington Vt. Despite being one of the most recognizable cryptids in the world, the Jersey Devil only appeared twice in the entire series as a background character.
In the Cartoon network game Fusionfall, an exclusive item in the Birthday Bash event was the Jersey Devil Wings.
I really don't enjoy animation much anymore, but I always appreciate something well-done(unless it's red meat, I like that medium rare).

One of the things I love most about Secret Saturdays is the fact that it is what it says on the label, and doesn't hide the adventure stuff behind a jokesy facade (as many of the other kids adventure cartoons of recent years have often done, as much as I've enjoyed them).
It is first seen in the episode being taken away from Fiskerton after defeat (the battle itself never was seen).
I appreciate that it doesn't feel the need to burden itself with too much "Postmodern Irony"TM, and just makes itself a pretty straight-faced adventure show. The Jersey Devil has also been named the Leeds Devil for the encounter it had on the Leed's family. There's just something about getting up on Saturday morning with her every week and having that pure awesomeness waiting for us on the Tivo that reminds me of watching terrific old adventure cartoons when I was her age on Saturday mornings.

The legend goes that a large family known as the Leeds were stationed outside the swamps of New Jersey.

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