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They are about as big and long as normal dolphins They have sort of a horn-like nose, like a dolphin.
Fish: Ulraj gets back at Zak by throwing a fish into the water that makes the dolphins go after it.
Ulraj is a Kumari and the king of Kumari Kandam as well as Zak Saturday's friend in The Secret Saturdays. He returns in The Underworld Bride to join the Saturdays on a visit to New Guinea to find a new cryptid that tries to kill and eat Zon.

In War of the Cryptids, he leads his Kingdom in the counter offensive against the cryptid armies of V. He tries to train Zak Saturday with his cryptid skills by practicing on Rhinoceros Dolphins and later on combat training.
Like other Kumarians, he is shown to be able to detect magnetic fields, shown when Komodo tried to sneak up on him, which can be blocked by rubber.
He tried to help Zak catch Zon by setting up a trap using a fishing net and fish, when asked how and why he knew how to catch birds he said "We do have to eat".

But later reveals he is not attracted to her, he just doesn't like losing any thing to Zak. Argost and Munya escaped with the medallion which Ulraj stated to be to dangerous to wield.

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