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Secret Seven Synopses: In Secret Seven Mystery, a schoolgirl named Elizabeth Sonning has gone missing. Jack is often seen as second in command and possibly best friends with Peter and enjoys being a loyal friend and member of the society. Colin is not such a prominent member of the Seven as some of the others, but still gives a rounding to the group as a whole and has some 'highlights'.
George is also not a very prominent member of the society but still appears to take his role seriously and with a sense of humour. Pam is portrayed as a very giggly girl, who doesn't appear to take things as seriously and solemnly as the others. There are 15 titles in the series (or 16 if you want to include Secret of the Old Mill). Most of the stories begin with a meeting of the Seven in their Headquarters - the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet's garden. Whenever a member says "Nothing ever happens", you know for sure that they are about to be dragged into the depths of a very exciting mystery. The society like to try to solve the mysteries on their own, without adult help, sometimes with disapproval from their long-suffering parents! Scamper is Peter and Janet's beloved golden spaniel and often accompanies them to meetings to 'stand guard' against possible 'snoopers', like Susie, Jack's sister. The 'Seven' books do not appear to be the most popular series of Blyton's books, with 'The Famous Five' and 'The Adventure Series' being more popular with readers and collectors.
Why not try a Secret Seven book for yourself from the titles below and make up your own mind! 13) Shock for the Secret Seven (1961) - A highly charged thirteenth installment in the series! Excellent service - book arrived in less than 48 hours (well before estimated delivery date quoted) carefully packed and in the condition described. The Secret Seven Society is comprised of Peter, Janet, Jack, Pam, Barbara, Colin, George and Scamper the dog. They decide to help the poor family in rebuilding their lives, but they must find out who stole the family’s valuable violin and also what is the source of the noises coming from the hills at night? Colin promises the General that they will find them, but what can the Secret Seven do when there are no clues to their whereabouts and even the police don’t know where to look? She is a serious member of the Secret Seven, who takes direction from her brother Peter, for the most part very well.
We have a glimpse of George out on his own in Go Ahead Secret Seven, doing some 'practice shadowing'. Janet comes across Barbara and Pam 'sitting on the bus-stop seat, looking rather giggly, with note-books in their hands'.

More often than not supplied with freshly baked cakes or biscuits and lemonade or hot cocoa, meetings are a serious affair, with no member being permitted without the password.
They follow clues and gather information from many sources, in between all their normal school and homework! Scamper is usually the 'extra' member of the Secret Seven, although he does take George's place in Go Ahead Secret Seven, after George is forced to resign for a short time. Maybe this is because the stories are shorter and seem to be aimed at younger readers, with the characters not appearing to age as you progress in the series.
Set in the summer time, the Seven decide that they need a more airy place for their summer meetings.
Susie (Jack's annoying sister), is really being at her most annoying, setting up her own secret society.
George shadows a sinister looking man, who gets him into trouble with the police and he has to resign from the Secret Seven.
The Secret Seven are plunged into an adventure, when Peter and Janet's father has his car stolen - with them inside it!
A search for a lost model aeroplane takes Jack and Peter to an abandoned old house - or is it? After a trip to the fair, the Seven witness a terrible house fire and help the family as much as they can. Then some money goes missing and Susie is chief suspect - but could there be another explanation? After a big fight between Jack and Peter, Jack resigns from the Secret Seven and says he's going to set up his own club with his sister Susie and their friend Bony. Scamper is a real help - what would they do without him to help protect them from intruders and in Bramley Woods? Of the girls, she arguably shows the most initiative when it comes to gathering clues, as in The Secret Seven, where tyre tracks have been left in the snow by a suspicious van. He is forgetful at times and sometimes gets into trouble with Peter for forgetting the password or for forgetting his badge.
Here we see his boyish humour as he 'even blacked his face' and had taken 'a rubber truncheon' so that he could pretend to be a 'real policeman'. An example of this can be seen in Well Done Secret Seven, when she inadvertently gives away the location of the Societies new HQ by squealing. Peter takes charge of the meetings and is very good at delegating jobs to do and clues to follow to different members. However, occasionally they do call in reinforcements (such as the police) to apprehend the villains.
However, Scamper still helps them on their way, very often alerting them to danger or sniffing out vital clues!

However, this leads Jack into making a shock discovery, which takes them on a mysterious adventure. However, what started out as a joke, really turns into a dangerous adventure starting at Tigger's Barn and ending at a foggy railyard.
Certain that something is up, the rest of the gang spy on this man - what is he really up to? A mystery begins however, when they realize that an intruder has also been using the cave at night. Little do they know that a mystery is waiting just around the corner, with the theft of a valuable violin - could the two incidents be connected? The now Secret Six are soon involved in a disturbing case - village dogs are going missing. The Seven need to help them find somewhere to hide out, so that the dangerous horse thieves will not be able to find them. Janet decides to copy these tracks, as she realizes that they 'just might come in useful', as inevitably at the end of the story they do. However, this shadowing gets him into real trouble and even results in his parents banning him from being a Society member for a time.
However the 'Secret Seven' books do provide the reader with a good starting point for the different series of Blyton mystery books, progressing onto the 'Famous Five', 'Adventure' series and others.
Soon, though they realize that someone has been visiting their tree-house and eating their provisions!
Will the Seven be able to find out, even with Jack's sister Susie putting them off at every chance? When Scamper becomes the latest victim, the Secret Six want the case solved as soon as possible.
In Secret Seven on the Trail, Jack actually gullibly believes something that he overhears Susie talking about and decides to take action.
The visitor soon takes them on a trail of some thieves - but what do some of the clues REALLY mean?
However, Susie's annoying plan does backfire and the Seven have the last laugh with their adventure that starts at Tigger's Barn. To me, this shows his strong and stubborn nature but, without his natural abilities as a leader and his organization and delegation skills, the society would undoubtedly not run as smoothly!

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