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NotesI have kept this series of covers in chronological book order, and used the first release date of February 12 1996 for all of them although they were released in a different order between 1996 and 2001.
Well Done, Secret Seven: AND "Secret Seven on the Trail" by Enid BlytonGet other Enid Blyton here Well Done, Secret Seven The Secret Seven have a new meeting place a treehouse! AudioBooks that can be ordered online and dispatched Australia wide to Queensland (Qld) Victoria (Vic) New South Wales (NSW) South Australia (SA) Western Australia (WA) Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and as well as Norfolk Island . They have a meeting in the summer house, and make up a tale about a gang meeting at Tigger's Barn, for the benefit of Jack, who is hiding and listening by the laurel bush. We post using normal Australia Post as well Express post to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Canberra Perth Adelaide Albury-Wodonga Geelong Bendigo Gold Coast Sunshine Coast (all these preceding towns overnight) as well as Towoomba Wide Bay Capricorn Coast Townsville Cairns Mackay Wollongong Central Coast Newcastle Port Macquarie Coffs Harbour Northern Rivers Hobart and Launceston and also Darwin in the Northern Territory (NT). Peter doesn't believe Jack's tale, and so to prove him wrong, Jack and George go along to Tigger's barn, thinking they are following Susie and her friend.
The gang are furious, but then they learn the intruder is in big trouble and needs their help.
But it is soon clear to both boys that they are in the middle of an adventure, when two men creep into the tumble-down house and signal to Zeb to join them knowing the coast is clear! Secret Seven on the Trail Something mysterious is going on at Tiggers Barn, and the Secret Seven are intrigued. I remember lending it from the library as a child, but now I have my own copy, a 1956 edition, complete with a dust jacket in very good condition.The atmosphere created by the fog lends a sinister feeling to the whole story that draws the reader in.
Peter thinks its all just gossip, but Jack isnt so sure when he overhears a strange conversation. Looks like the Seven are on the trail of another exciting adventureAudiobooks are a important way for girls and boys to take delight in tales, whether or not they are reasonable readers or just like a tale read to them.

When Peter wants to stop the club until the next holidays, because 'nothing ever turns up in term-time' and because he has to work harder at his school work, Jack is ready to carry on without him and make it the Secret Six with himself and Janet as co-leaders. I can't see this happening in the Find Outers or the Fives, but it is the sort of rivalry that would surface when a group of children form a society.
Peter likes to get his own way, but the others are strong enough to stand up to him.Enter the Famous Five! Much better idea than 'Secret Seven'."Did Enid also regard the Famous Five books as more important or better than her Secret Seven books I wonder?
Or is this just a tongue in cheek comment.The 'Famous Five' have bigger badges and they have a secret sign too!
The FF lead the SS into an adventure in much the same way as the Find Outers led Ern into a real mystery in 'Hidden House'. To his credit, Peter is not fooled by this particular trick, but Jack is keen to follow it up with George.The Seven get on the trail of the mystery then and a face appears at the window during one of their meetings. The fog and the setting add a sinister feel to the exciting climax.But there is one more scene to play before the book ends. Just to show them how good the SS are, and to thank them for "putting us on the track of this most exciting adventure" (I wonder if the pun was intended?).Review by David CookThis story takes place in the school term that leads up to Christmas.
Peter want to temporarily disband the Society as he has to study hard but, confronted by the others' objections, and the notion of carrying on as the Secret Six without him, he re-asserts his position as leader and accedes to their wishes.
So the children continue to wear their Society badges and, when other children express a wish to join, Janet foolishly suggests that, as their society is full, they should form their own — an idea that Susie seizes on immediately. Janet in her role as Peter's sister is spirited and competitive, but Pam and Barbara never progress beyond being gigglers and squealers, with no real ideas or suggestions of their own and the three girls are regularly left out of any potential danger.

Indeed Susie is a stronger character than either Colin or George who are very much camp followers. I find it somewhat unrealistic that the parents of Jack and Susie allow one sibling to belong to a society that the other is barred from when she so desperately wants to belong. If Peter had been big enough to change the Society to the Exciting Eight and admit Susie to the ranks, she would have been a definite asset.
But Peter rules by force of personality and Susie would always be a potential challenge to him, particularly as her brother, Jack, is the second strongest character in the Seven. Peter's character is in contrast to that of the Find-Outers' Fatty who earned his position of leader through his ability and his peers' respect.However, Susie forms her rival society and inadvertently places the Seven in another mystery that again centres on a half-heard criminal conversation, overheard this time by Jack and George at Tigger's Barn. It is while playing with train and farm sets that the Seven realise that the rogues were referring to the railway, but no mention is made this time of Peter and Janet living on a farm.
The busy railway station with its sidings, points and signals again implies a busy, bigger town. This exciting, mysterious and well-written story I rate, along with the next entry, as the best in the series.

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