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Cities in Europe where author Dan Brown has set scenes from his past best-selling novels have been flooded with tourists eager visit the places mentioned in the stories. The giant bronze statue of George Washington shows him wearing his ceremonial Masonic apron.
On exhibit at the George Washington Masonic Memorial are badges worn by Masonic dignitaries at the centennial of the death of Washington in 1899. On exhibit at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a leather Mason Apron, circa 1780, most likely from France. This detail from the corner of the roof of the House of the Temple on 16th Street NW shows a double-headed eagle, an emblem of Scottish Rite Masons. A vast array of symbolism adorns the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry temple on 16th Street in Washington, D.C. The statue of Albert Pike, barely noticed by passers-by in Judiciary Square, depicts one of the most important leaders of the Scottish Rite Masons in the 19th Century. Stay connected with the most-trusted name in cable news through exclusive videos, show highlights and behind-the-scenes details. On Fox and Friends this week, Brian Kilmeade has been sharing some insights into his brand new book, which tells the story of a little-known spy ring that helped win the Revolutionary War. On Tuesday, we got to see Brian's trip to many of the historic sites around New York that he references in the book, including the home of Washington's chief intelligence officer Benjamin Tallmadge.
Then, he explained how the spy ring was created by Tallmadge's close friend, Abraham Woodhull, thought by the British to be a farmer unconnected to the rebellion. Watch the revealing footage to get a sense of just how deep the spy ring went and how the crucial intelligence was gathered. On Wednesday, Brian showed us the famous tavern in New York City, where Washington said an emotional goodbye to his troops in 1783.
On Thursday's show, Brian gave us a glimpse into how crucial documents made it by boat across Long Island Sound to Washington's men in Connecticut.
On his Fox News Radio show Kilmeade and Friends, Brian has been discussing the book at length this week with some of the people that helped make the project possible.

In the video below, Brian spoke with Claire Bellerjeau, a researcher and historian who helped Brian uncover the amazing details for his book. In the next interview, Brian spoke with Steve Russell Boerner, a certified archivist, who played a vital role in helping gather facts and information. Brian's co-author Don Yaeger also sat down with him to go over what drove them to tell this important story. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on what's causing a deadly surge of violence affecting American cities and placing an added burden on our men and women in blue.
Donald Trump told On the Record tonight that he would like to "back off" on a temporary ban of Muslims into the United State as soon as possible. Bill O'Reilly took on the staggering violence that's occurring daily in Chicago, calling for a state of emergency to be declared in some impoverished neighborhoods. In his "Tip of the Day" segment last night, Bill O'Reilly said it is "despicable" for George Zimmerman to attempt to sell the handgun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. A new national poll of millennial voters showed them supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by more than two-to-one. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is conducting an investigation in response to allegations of bias in its "Trending Topics" section.
Tonight on Hannity, Donald Trump weighed in on his highly anticipated meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan on unifying the Republican Party.
A Secret Service spokeswoman said the agents had serious injuries that weren’t life-threatening. He said police were trying to find the driver or a passenger in the car that Danforth was trying to pass to help with the accident reconstruction. Clinton was campaigning at a town hall meeting Tuesday night in Berlin, about 80 miles north of Wakefield on Route 16. Cities in Europe where Brown has located scenes from his past best-selling novels have been flooded with tourists eager to see the places mentioned in the stories. In Alexandria, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is the current home of the Masonic lodge where George Washington was a member.

The statue is in the main hall of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria. On the banner is the symbolic double-headed eagle, with a triangle and the mystical number 33. She described how crucial Robert Townsend’s intelligence and experience was to the secret operations that provided the intelligence necessary for Washington to fight the British in New York.
A northbound Mercury Sable with three people inside crossed over a double yellow solid line and hit the agents’ Taurus, police said. Police said an autopsy was performed on him, and they were awaiting blood-analysis results, which would take weeks. Inside the memorial is a giant bronze statue of Washington wearing his ceremonial Masonic apron. The letter G, commonly combined with a compass and a t-square, stands for God and Geometry. It was designed by John Russell Pope, who also designed the Jefferson Memorial and the National Archives building. One invaded by Founding Fathers scandal, by fictitious Harvard symbologists, by very short chapters ending in cliffhangers and exclamation points!
Court records show Danforth had been charged seven times since 2010 with driving while his license was revoked or suspended, including two occasions when he was also charged with drug-related offenses. In the upper left is the Marquis de Lafayette; Andrew Jackson is depicted on the upper right. He had pleaded guilty to — or been found guilty of — the charges, was fined hundreds of dollars and spent some time in county jail.
At the time of Tuesday’s crash, the fine was unpaid and a hearing had been scheduled to consider a contempt charge.

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