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Played with bright and rich with the onion and fennel fronds, slick and crunchy with the bass and the seeds, and sour and sweet with the tomato and the candied fennel. Apparently dogfish is taking over Cape Cod and eating everything in sight, especially the tuna. The menu said squash blossom tortellini, but the squash blossoms couldn’t be procured, so Chef Santos came up with this replacement spur-of-the-moment to no complaints from us. I joined Chef Santos in the kitchen for a moment to watch him put the finishing touches on the plum dessert. Well, you might notice the half-filled tray of leftover and available crumble in the background of my pictures.

I’m not sure Chef Santos will ever top the warm, soupy chocolate puddingmoussecake he made at the first Um Segredo I went to, but this was pretty outstanding. Great shots as always Katie, and once again thanks for including me, to say it was a good time would be an understatement. Either it was A) incredibly bright in the restaurant, or B) Anthony was in a state of unnatural arousal during the entire meal. That pork belly picture and description might cause me to eat every Filipino pork dish available when I go home in a few weeks and basically cancel out two months of constantly working out.
The food was amazing, David and his brother were awesome hosts and the company was fist class.

And tossing my spoon so I could drink the corn chowder was well worth the looks of horror from the other guests.

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