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Aphids are tiny, pear-shaped pests, most commonly green or  brown, but can also be red or black. Rarely seen, the female bee cuts neat circles from the outer margins of rose leaves for use in lining the nest. Most active in the warmer months, they feed on the sap of rose leaves, leaving them speckled in appearance.
Nests are tunneled in soft, rotted wood, in pithy plants such as roses, or in similar materials.
In the adult form, they are immobile and are protected from insecticides by a waxy coating.
Thrips tend to prefer light colored blooms although they are not partial to only these roses. Chemical methods of control for severe infestations include the use of a miticide such as Avid. Most rosarians tolerate the bees and admire their handiwork, rather than destroy them.
This may be effective at keeping the beetles away  from your rose plants, as they are oddly attracted to bright light.
If left untreated, scales can cause the discoloration and killing of canes, the wilting of leaves, and a general weakening of the host plant.

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