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I gave a big long explanation over at Eat This Up about how my kids friends hang out at Starbucks all the time and my kids try all the drinks that don’t have caffeine.
My son came home the other day and as I stole a drink of his drink he informed me that it was from Starbucks Secret Menu. Not so much secret I guess, you just have to be able to order the drink and be prepared to tell them how to make it if they have not heard of it.

Baby Sitter Doll!Just as angelic as she looks, this girl could easily raise a Village by herself, and all the children would grow up to be President. Miller DogThe resident Labradoodle, Miller got his name because Mom won and got to name the baby! I have to admit that I do as well, we don’t coffee and I often get Starbucks gift cards and try to find drinks to use them on.

Head on over to Eat This Up and get the skinny on how to get a Harry Potter ButterBeer at Starbucks!

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