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Chevy has unvealed their new 2015 Colorado and it came with a whopper - a new diesel engine will be offered in 2016. The truck will probably be offered at under $20k to create a price gap between it and the larger Silverado. On November 14th, a 360-degree barrel roll was caught on tape at an event in Ensenada, Mexico.
We've already showed you this cute little disappearing facade in San Francisco that conceals the entrance to a 4-car garage. It is 6 inches narrower, 18 inches shorter, 3 inches lower and nearly 1,000 lbs lighter than the larger Silverado. Coming in 2016, the 2.8L, 4-cyl "baby" Duramax diesel engine will most likely have 200 hp and 368 lb-ft of torque.

Also, it will be offered with a 5-foot or 6-foot bed in either an extended cab or crew cab (no regular cab).
GM says it will try to cut into that market share as well as try to attract Ram and Ford customers looking for a midsize option.
So how about a giant pole barn in Florida whose entire front span retracts up to reveal scads of shop and car-storage space? If it follow the Ram's EcoDiesel offering, the engine will have an upcharge of several thousand dollars yet it will have superior low-end torque and MPGs.
It also plans on filling a void for a midsize fleet truck since the Ranger left the market. Well, this may be the first 360 barrel roll done by a truck that has ever been successful and caught on tape.

The smaller truck shares some of the larger trucks innovations like the tailgate step, aluminum hood, triple sealing on doors for quiet ride and instrument panel upgrades with 8-inch navigation screen with the MyLink system.
So, would you ever have the guts to ever try something similar to this or would you like to keep all four wheels on the ground?

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