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The Windy City is home to the Da Bears, deep dish pizza, Navy Pier and shopping that draws tourists from around the world. Floods and fire have molded the city, but history is what has shaped it since it was founded in 1833. To indulge in a fascinating secret-filled adventure that goes beyond The Loop, start in Astor Street District. You can find the wooden street between State and Astor, south of coach house on North Avenue. To stand in the spot where the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series, you won’t be heading to Wrigley Field. Over at 2222 South Wabash, you will find the home of Chicago Boss Johnny Torrio’s first home-base for operations, The Four Deuces.
When Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group was building the Kinzie Street location, workers found a small trove of items from Al Capone’s enforcer, Frank Nitti.
It also houses the original Smoke-Filled Room where political meetings changed history in Suite 915. I’ve never been to Chicago, but now I know some awesome spots to check out when I do get there!
I love to travel and though my husband gets mad when i want to see everything a town has to offer, he ends up enjoying it What a great post! Chicago is packed with attractions, but there are some secrets you have to explore for a unique experience beyond the captivating architecture, museums and the Magnificent Mile. These secret historical spots in Chicago may be public, but they have an interesting charm.

The area is home to the historic district of the city and there, you can find Chicago’s last complete wood block alley. While there, taking a walking tour (free on Wednesdays) with the Gold Coast Neighbors Association. Here, gambling, prostitution and drinking took place, but enemies of Capone and Torrio were taken to the basement where they met a terrible end.
The Barbershop is actually gone now, but the remnants in the marble floors can still be seen.
I don’t live that far from Chicago, our next trip will have to include some of these spots. I grew up just a few hours away from Chicago in Minnesota, but have never actually been to Chicago. Thanks so much for this post, and taking the time to show us a more interesting side to the Windy City! The original creosote treated lumber is gone, but it was restored using black locust blocks. Enjoy the architecture of styles in the style of Queen Anne, Richardsonian Romanesque and Georgian revival style.
Tucked away, between buildings, located by Taylor, Wood, Polk and Wolcott Streets, you will find a small park you can stand in.
Currently, it is an empty lot, but some remnants of the building can be found peeking from the grass. Nice.” Did you know that it was a gift to Chicago after hosting a community-based public art project?

The Flower Shop Capone’s rival, Dion O’Bannion, ran on 738 North State Street is now just an run-of-the-mill parking lot.
The hole where the building once stood is captivating when you think of all that happened on the hallowed ground before you. Some may not notice the two famous Windy City landmarks reflected in the bull’s eyes. After mixing the two into a fabulous cocktail of freelance writing about all things style, she started a family. For perspective, home plate was by Polk and Lincoln intersection and the first base grandstand ran parallel to W Wolcott Street.
If you have visited the city, you have probably passed the place, unaware a mobster was murdered where you just parked your sedan. Al also had a secret room next to the shop for hiding place for his alcohol and himself during police raids. The “Chicago Picasso” sculpture and the Historic Water Tower that survived the 1871 fires can be see in place of pupils. Start your journey by entering the complex at the corner of West Taylor Street and South Wood Street located behind the University’s Biologic Resources Laboratory.

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