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The White Horse was formally owned by the Pease family, according to a discussion on the Myfamily website. However, during renovation work at St Mary’s in a search for the tunnels was made and apparently nothing was found.
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Sit down and tune in to a group who sound like they are having absolutely too much fun!First off, feel free to tell us about the person behind the GM screen. This does suggest that the tunnels have long been filled in, or that they never actually existed at all.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Mary’s Church and the 17th century White Horse pub, and some reports says that they also run beneath the buildings adjoining the White Horse, namely the Essex Carpet Centre.
Where can we stalk you on the internet, that sort of thing!My name is Brent and was born forty-five minutes north of New York City in Westchester. It is a saga that follows a group of heroes chosen by a magical book, The Codex of Souls, to save the Megaverse.
In the wake of their absence our heroes found themselves breaking new ground and treading uncharted territory.
I met Kevin Siembieda, the creator of Palladium and Rifts, at their annual Open House event in Michigan.

His philosophy is to give the players and GMs lots of ideas as fuel for creativity and imagination. It’s that kind of mentality that attracts me most to the Palladium system and the Rifts game line. It’s got demons and gods and elementals and spirits and almost anything you can imagine.
The result, thanks to my wonderful players, has been a collaborative adventure that delves deeply into the heart and philosophy of adventure.
It has been my distinct pleasure and an honor to game with Dave Folmsbee, Dan Simon, Isaac Brickett, and Chris Valli for the last two years.How regularly do you play, and where do you play?
Who puts all this stuff together?A MAJOR debt of gratitude and acknowledgement goes out to Dave Folmsbee (Glistam) for doing much of the organization, tagging, and site architecture.
My players have children, wives, full-time jobs, and all the distractions we escape from on Saturday for ten hours.
How much time do you usually take to prepare for a session?I take inspiration from the Rifts Worldbooks and Dimension Books. Outside of Palladium I have played White Wolf extensively with Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, and Hunter.
Nothing really hit home for me like the Palladium Megaverse and the World of Darkness.How do you know your players, how long have you been gaming with them?I met them all online about two years ago on the Palladium website.
What brought you to the site and what keeps bringing you back?I’ve been using Obsidian Portal since the inception of the game.

I have been a member of that game for over three years so when it came time for me to start my own campaign I took a lot of clues and hints and tips and MAJOR inspiration from Victor.Now that the Reforging has been live for a little while now, what are your favorite parts?Tagging and the search function are absolutely imperative. When we get together, sure it’s about gaming, but we do so much more than just roll dice. The things I remember are events like the one-year anniversary when Dave brought COTTON CANDY and Isaac brought cotton-candy flavored Vodka and Chris cooked up a bunch of steaks and Dan made spicy burn your face off Calabasa Stew. I remember events like Christmas with the surprise packages and goody-bags and all my party favors and loot and swag and candy and a PINATA! It’s free to use, it can be accessed from any web browser and it's built from the ground up for gamers by gamers. We host a huge community of tabletop RPG players who are all looking to get the most out of their tabletop gaming experience. Listen to the Haste podcast on your Android, or iOS device for free and without having to download or sync anything!

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