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Jade Helm, Walmart And DUMBS - Are The Closed Walmarts Being Activated As Central Command For Underground Operations?
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A clip from a statement by Schnieder asserts there are at least 131 DUMBS in the United States and over 1,400 worldwide.Schneider died in 1996, apparently from a stroke but at the time his ex-wife claimed he was murdered for exposing government secrets. It was confirmed what was already known & the tunneling project began immediately in Yorkville about a year ago.
Many of our neighbors (including my parents, Firewalker, & others) have been approached by some gov't types & ordered to either stay away from the project or sell out.

Many of these folks have sold & the land was purchased by various gov't agencies, usually very quickly.The Walmart that will be going in on HWY 120 is supposed to be the first in the series of staging areas. It was chosen because of its central location to the entire project & the main hub designated for Yorkville. As new Walmarts are built, more staging areas will be added to each new store as well as to existing Walmarts. These stores have extremely large parking areas & that means the various gov't agencies can use these facilities to move large equipment rapidly, especially to & from Lockheed.
The Homeland Security use is just obvious --- ability to move large numbers of troops & high ranking officials in a moments notice while unhindered by traffic & other logistical problems.The blasting that is being done now has been felt & heard by several Paulding residents, including some minor basement damage to some homes.

According to Mr Chairman (Click here for his quote) , the project is moving quite well & anticipated to be saving quite a bit of the county's money.

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