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Located in the opal mining town in South Australia is an extremely hot place called Coober Pedy. Typical residential underground homes in Coober Pedy are called “dugouts” and you will be surprised by what they’ve built. Netizens from across the world have left interesting comments on the YouTube clip embedded above.
Below is the link to the VIDEO made by 5 Construction Workers who asked me, Stew Webb to release this and I did. An ancient network of underground cities, tens of thousands of years old, has exerted a powerful influence over human society and religion for millennia according to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode.
This page shows the locations used over the duration of the cold war and briefly describes the type of building used to house the Regional Government Headquarters. Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey © Crown Copyright 2001.
In the 1960's, Scotland was divided into 3 zones - North, East and West with controls at Anstruther (north) in fife, Kirknewton (east) in Lothian and Torrance House (West) in East Kilbride.
In the 1950's the Royal Air Force replaced the ageing WW2 radar with centimetric radar in what was known as the ROTOR plan. By the 1960's the government had many recently built and expensive bunkers embarrassingly redundant.
At Southport, Basingstoke and Hertford three government office buildings were constructed with reinforced basements that were used for Regional Government Headquarters. In the 1960's, a section of a former ordnance factory at Brackla, Bridgend was converted to RGHQ 82. In July 1941 construction started on a matrix of tunnels designed as a factory for aircraft engines and as a RAF store having a combined floor area of 285,000 square feet.
After engine production finished, part of the tunnel complex has been used as a Regional Government Headquarters from the late fifties until the disbanding of the UKWMO in 1992. In the Seventies and early Eighties there were two microwave dishes on the mast shown in the gallery, one pointed at Romsley and the other to an unknown location, possibly Titterstone Clee CAA site. These black and white photo's I took in the eighties show the engine air intakes and exhaust pipes and the main entrance.
In 1954, Drakelow, under the guise of codeword MACADAM was earmarked as a possible location for the Central Government Emergency Headquarters as a replacement or addition to Corsham. After the disbanding of the UKWMO the RGHQ bunkers have been placed on the market and some have been sold to landowners or private companies.
The Ullenwood RGHQ was in a former Anti-Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR) a semi-sunken two storey bunker.
With extreme temperatures that reach up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, the people in this town decided to establish their residencies underground. Besides, the troubling climate claims more than 40 lives every year and so converting mines to homes have been the best alternative for the residents. Aside from protection against the extreme heat, the homes are soundproof and so you won’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbors when blasting your sound system in full volume. BUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTATORS ARE SWAYING THE PUBLIC PRECONVINCED CHARISMATIC THEORIES THAT WE ARE SAFE IN OUR HOME….

PLEASE DON’T WORRY THERE IS GLOBALIST LURKING IN THE FORESHADOWS OF HEIRARCHY LEVELS OF GOVT. More recently, he claims this network of cities has been negotiating with major nations that have developed secret space programs. Most of the bunker became operational around 1952 but the rapid development of aircraft and radar technology quickly made the ROTOR plan redundant. When the policy of Regional Seats of Government Headquarters was introduced, many of the ROTOR where utilised for these headquarters.
The most noticeable feature of a fully submerged bunker being the entrance in a bungalow style guard house with a veranda. A bunker was built at Chilmark, Wiltshire in 1985 as replacement for the Region 7 bunker at Ullenwood, Gloucestershire. The tunnels are at the same level as Kingsford Lane which passes by the North side of the site and is about 150ft below the top of the sandstone ridge that former part of the Drakelow estate. During that time it has been known as the Regional Seat of Government No9, Kinver; RGHQ 92 Drakelow or possibly Kidderminster. The purpose of this link is a microwave mystery - please get in touch if you know the answer. A replacement was built in 1985 at Chilmark and since then had been used by Gloucester County Council.
Also, they’ve built a wonderful community with everything they need such as bars, jewelry stores, motels, and even churches.
On top of that, homes do not use heating or air-conditioning systems which significantly reduces the town’s carbon footprints. This arrangement continued until 1983 when the East and West zones were merged to form the new South Zone. As the speed of bomber aircraft increased it became necessary to control the interceptor fighters directly from the radar station making the SOC redundant. Four SOC bunkers (Bawburgh, Barnton Quarry, Kelvedon Hatch and Shipton) and four radar bunkers (Anstruther, Bolt Head, Hack Green and Skendleby) were used as Regional Headquarters.
In Region 6, WW2 tunnels known as the 'Dumpy' level in Dover Castle were adapted as RGHQ in 1962 before it moved in 1987 to the former WW2 propaganda radio transmitter site at Crowborough.
Romsley to has a direct line of sight to Titterstone and most HO sites in the area, so this routing was obviously to serve the RGHQ. On a recent visit I have to assume it is now in private ownership as a large country house has been erected in the grounds. Many of the locals even find opals (which they can sell expensively) as they dig homes and rooms. As the number of ancient underground cities expanded over the ages, many joined to form the Agartha Network, which possessed advanced spacecraft called the “Silver Fleet”.The Agartha Network and the other breakaway ancient civilizations were not alone in establishing refuges in underground locations throughout Earth’s turbulent surface history. The Zone Headquarters at Kirknewton would now act as the Scottish Central headquarters and house the Scottish Commissioner (the peacetime Secretary of State for Scotland).
New radar was developed with increased range that meant fewer radar stations were required.
The only other surface features are the ventilation shafts and a lattice communications mast.

Two former government WW2 Cold Stores located at Hexham, Northumberland and Loughborough, Leicestershire were adapted in the early 1980's for use as Regional Headquarters 22 and 32 respectively.
The lattice communications mast is on the top of the ridge and linked into the HO hilltop sites at Romsley and Brown Clee. One of the UHF skeleton slot yagis on this side of the mast linked Shrewsbury ROC HQ via Brown Clee Hill HO site which also had microwave dishes. Hack Green in Cheshire is a semi-sunken ROTOR bunker with a good display of exhibits from both sides of the Cold War. The bunker has been clad with local Cotswold stone to match the house and tastefully landscaped into the garden. Non-human races that include ‘Raptors’ (a hybrid Reptilian and Avian race), were also present, and played significant roles in Earth’s cataclysmic history.Also, a war-like Reptilian race called the ‘Draconians’ first appeared around 300,000 years ago according to Goode, and began genetic experiments with some the surface inhabitants that survived earlier cataclysms.
The plotters at radar station reported to one of four Sector Operations Centres (ROTOR SOC) of similar design to the radar bunkers but larger with three levels.
Other human-like extraterrestrials also began genetic experiments – a total of 22 – with the remnants of surface humanity.The Draco and the human extraterrestrial visitors had major wars in which the fortunes of one side or the other would wax and wane over the ages.
Goode said that Zecharia Sitchin’s The Earth Chronicles, is a fairly accurate account of these battles. All are well signposted for visitors, the phrasing of the signs like this one on the A525 at Audlem, gives many motorist a chuckle.
Meanwhile, the Agartha Network closely monitored conditions on the Earth’s surface, and the different extraterrestrial visitors conducting genetic experiments, while fighting amongst each other.Goode says that the Agartha Network pretended to be gods when they met members of surface humanity, thereby either giving birth to, or, at the very least, influencing ancient pagan religions. These included bird-like extraterrestrials revered by the ancient Egyptians such as Thoth and Horus.
According to the “Law of One” material, the RA group says that despite their efforts to be merely teachers to the ancient Egyptians, they were instead revered as gods.Goode’s claims are supported by ancient historians like Manetho (circa 300 BC), who describes pre-dynastic Egypt as being directly ruled by the gods, who walked among surface humans for millennia. These ‘gods’ intermarried with humanity to produce generations of demi-gods who ruled over humanity for extended periods. The ancient pagan traditions rapidly disappeared as the two major monotheistic faiths spread around the world, often at the point of a sword.Significantly, both of these monotheistic faiths incorporated significant elements of the Jewish religion (‘Old Testament’ in Christianity) that referred to an unknown transcendent ‘God’ called Yahweh or Jehovah.
The Old Testament has numerous references to this alleged transcendent God commanding the ancient Hebrews to ruthlessly eradicate the indigenous pagan peoples in what would today be recognized as ethnic cleansing. This suggests that the Hebrew ‘God’ was more likely another advanced extraterrestrial or subterranean imposter.If Goode is correct, the Agartha Network’s influence over surface humanity, through ancient pagan beliefs, significantly waned with the spread of Christianity and Islam that incorporated the Hebrew belief in an unknown transcendent God. Were these two monotheistic faiths genuinely a result of divine intervention by a transcendent being, or were they likewise influenced by one or more different extraterrestrial civilizations impersonating a transcendent being?In the modern era, Goode claims that the Agarthans attempted to assert their influence over surface humanity by this time pretending to be extraterrestrials from other worlds.
Yet, not all ancient underground civilizations share these racial characteristics as Goode made clear in his September 23 report, which he illustrated with several pictures released on October 7.Artistic depiction of four representatives from the Agartha Network according to Corey Goode. More recently, there have been negotiations conducted between the Secret Space Programs and the Agartha Network, as Goode revealed in his September 23 report.If Goode’s account of what he read in classified briefing documents in secret space programs is accurate, then his account of the Agartha Network and its history raises many important issues.
On the one hand, the Agartha Network and other ancient breakaway civilizations have clearly influenced surface humanity by pretending to be gods, and more recently extraterrestrials.On the other hand, the Agartha Network represents a repository of ancient knowledge and history that to some extent predates the intervention of extraterrestrials on the Earth’s surface.

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