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He knows that the military-industrial complex and various federal government agencies have constructed, and are working in, many of these installations. Throughout virtually the entire post-WW II period (and perhaps before) the United States government has been actively planning and constructing underground facilities and installations, some of which are very deep underground, quite sophisticated and capable of accomodating large numbers of people.
There is considerably less information available about the much-rumored tunnel system said, by some reports, to crisscross the United States. Reports, information and facts on both secret underground bases and deep underground tunnel systems that were discovered, is presented and the reader is left to draw his (or her) own conclusion.

Persistent rumors of secret underground bases and deep underground tunnel systems have swirled through the field of UFOlogy for some years now. These underground installations are variously said to be constructed, staffed and operated by covert human agencies (either part of the military-industrial complex or various federal government agencies), or by extraterrestrial or alien beings (the Greys often mentioned in the UFO literature), or by both covert human agencies and aliens working together in secret, underground installations.
It may simply be that its deep underground location (if it really exists) gives it a natural cover that is hard to break.
Or maybe it really does not existl Whatever the case, information uncovered about tunneling technology and tunnel systems -- the kind of information that may well form the popular basis for the rumored underground tunnel system is presented.

However, the author stands unswervingly behund his conviction that there are many underground installations in the United States.

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