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Millions of tourists walk up and down the Las Vegas strip every year, looking to have fun and make some money. Underneath Sin City's most famous casinos is a secret world: a labyrinth of tunnels that run for miles under the Las Vegas Valley.
Nightline visited the underground world beneath the Las Vegas strip, with Matthew O'Brien, author of "Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas," as our guide.
O'Brien introduced us to Iron, a tunnel regular, who's made a makeshift home in a tunnel with a view of the strip that some hotel guests pay top dollar for.
When he become homeless seven years ago, Iron said moving into the tunnels took some coaxing. A half mile into a tunnel that runs beneath Caesar's Palace -- a major landmark on the strip -- it was eerily quiet, even though thousands of people filled the streets above. Amidst the darkness, holes in the walls are designed to level off flood waters, but also serve as doors, O'Brien explained.
As O'Brien led the way, it wasn't long before we ran into Steve, who was riding his bike through the pitch-black tunnel that he calls home.
When we met Phil, he was reading an issue of "Sports Illustrated," catching up on the latest scores, to place his bets -- in hopes of winning big in one of the casinos above him. Many tunnel dwellers survive by venturing out to the casinos at night to scour the slot machines for credits tourists left behind -- a practice known as credit-hustling. Sleeping by day and playing the slots by night, Steve and Katherine said they earn about $50 a day or more, which is enough to live -- even splurge for a movie once in a while.

While they've made the tunnel their home, the couple said they'd move out tomorrow if they could. Great list, but Keith Richards character was not the Pirate King in Pirates of the Caribbean III. As a huge Harry Potter person, I thought I would point out that the correction should be made to the late Head Master of Hogwarts. The property, including more than an acre of land and both homes, recently sold for $1.15 million. Built to protect the desert city from flash floods, the tunnels have become home to hundreds of Las Vegas' homeless. Rain waters can fill them up with more than a foot of water per minute, washing away camps like Iron's. He's a Las Vegas native who moved underground two years after a drug problem left him homeless. I’m the same kind of geek with macbookpro +ipodtouch (sold it tho since i never used it). The murals include favorite places and seasons of the Hendersons, the family that had the home built. The property includes the original home built 26 feet underground in 1978 by Girard “Jerry” B.
The home has two bedrooms, a giant pantry, a pool, two hot tubs, an underground yard and a barbecue that vents through a concealed chimney disguised as a tree on the surface.

It is decorated in the lavish colors and mirrors associated with that decade.The buyers have chosen to keep their identity concealed for the time being.
They are listed on the paperwork as the Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species. Whether the name indicates that they are a group of architectural preservationists, end-time survivalists, panda farmers or some other thing is a matter of speculation.“The buyers aren’t ready to speak about it right now,” said Winston King, the real estate agent who handled the sale through the group’s broker. The murals feature some of the Henderson’s favorite places and one section is in perpetual winter with a blanket of snow under evergreen trees. The Henderson family can be seen in the near distance leaning on a fence in one section of the mural.When Jerry Henderson died in 1983 his wife Mary had a more traditional home built on the surface above the underground home. Mary died in 1989 and the house went to a distant relative and eventually ended up the property of the Seaway Bank and Trust Co.
At one point the home, including more than an acre of land, was on the market for $8 million.“I think there’s going to be a lot of speculation about what the buyers intend to do with the property,” Levine said.

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